Adding Gallery To Custom Page

I've removed the Gallery link from the main menu as I've created pages to hold the different galleries i.e. football boxing etc.

But in the custom pages edit. I can only add a slideshow. Can I not add galleries to the pages?




  • JG_ColemanJG_Coleman Member Posts: 173
    I've spent quite a good deal of time tinkering with custom pages and I've never seen or heard of a function that allows you to drop galleries into them. AFAIK, you cannot have the galleries dynamically appear and automatically update whenever new photos are added.  You can code thumbnails into the custom page one by one, but you'd have to manually update the custom page every time you added or removed a photo from the gallery.
    For the most part, custom pages are generally intended for creating pages for which Zenfolio has no built-in template.  Galleries and collections already have a fairly flexible, built-in template system which is one of the main selling points of the service, so you can imagine that Zenfolio isn't exceptionally concerned about building the exact same functionality into their custom pages.
  • freddy lucasfreddy lucas Member Posts: 1
    This is the weakest point of Zenfolio.
    Not being able to create custom photo galleries
    in a photographers' website is somewhat of an oxymoron
  • SomedayTripsSomedayTrips Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2017
    Hello JG and Freddy,

    There is a way to do this but it may not be the most elegant or as a simple as an "embed" and Zenfolio should provide this.
    To drop a gallery into your custom page you need to copy the code on the zenfolio page of your gallery and insert this into your page where you want it. You need to do this in source code mode. This will replicate the gallery exactly and pull all the css etc because it is on the same server in the simplest terms.

    I have attached a sample of the code I copied. You can then refine it by striping out things you don't need but this is the closest you can get. Last at the bottom of the code you can create a table and insert the image but it is by no means ideal. A little bit of work and you could template this.

    I just did a quick test as I have not run across the need yet. You can explore it further to see any downsides.

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  • Andres JimenezAndres Jimenez Member Posts: 1
    hello, i found this an issue, as i was trying to make a custom page for my project work. after much tinkering with it, i have managed to do it. by adding a custom page, then adding a link to each gallery, and a small thumbnail with the link as well. in order to link it to a gallery, i created a projects folder in my zenfolio images, and then added galleries individually for each of my projects. it does not look amazing like the pre-built galleries for portfolio or client galleries, but it does the job :smile:

    the above link shows how i have done it. i hope it helps @JG_Coleman
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