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I've been using Zenfolio for a while now and I have lots and lots of galleries in different sub-categories, so sometimes it's really difficult to find the specific gallery that I'm looking for.  Is there the ability to do a search to find specific galleries?  I'd love to just type in "samples" to find all the galleries with samples in the title, or a specific client's name so I can type in NBC and find all of the galleries that come up with NBC in it.  Is that something that available now.... and if not, is that a function that could be added?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would find it helpful...


Thanks so much,

Todd Zimmermann



  • It is currently not possible to search in Edit View.  Please add your voice to the feature request here:
    In the meantime, you are able to search in your Visitor View, just as a visitor would, and that would bring up any images based on your search and you can locate the galleries and images that way.

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  • Sorry to open up this 5 year old thread, but this is still a problem as far as I can tell. Why isn't it possible to do a search in my own account by gallery name? It'd be a HUGE help.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    Hi Andy!

    I agree that it would be an awesome feature! Have you tried using your browser's search function by clicking Command > F ? I use this work-around frequently so that I can search for galleries within my account.

    I hope this tip helps!
  • Richard HistonRichard Histon Member Posts: 3
    I asked for this feature five years ago and was told to add it to the Zen feature request. It has been ignored.
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