How to hide photo Title & Copyright info on gallery photos?

Some of my photos in various galleries have incorrect Title and/or copyright and so for the time being I'd like to hide those fields on ALL photos in a particular gallery.  How do I do that?

I've already hidden the EXIF info and I see how to hide the Caption Field under Page Options but don't see any option for the other two fields.  I know I can delete the info but I want that kept intact.




  • BigSkyKatieBigSkyKatie Member Posts: 152
    When viewing a particular gallery for which you don't want to display title, etc., while logged in, click My Zenfolio then choose Customize Visitor View.  Then click Page Options.  Un-check "Use default settings..."  You can then Hide caption, keywords, etc.  If you want to do the same on photo pages, click Customize Visitor View while on a photo page.  After configuring the page(s) as you desire them to be, if you want to save the settings for that gallery page or photo page as the default, so that it gets applied to other pages of the same type (gallery or photo), you can click "Save Current Settings as Default" (found in the upper right).

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  • magendimmagendim Member Posts: 6
    I tried this and as I said in the original post, the only fields I can hide under Page Options/Page Elements are Captions and Categories & Keywords.  Hiding those fields does not hide the Title or Copyright fields and there is no option to specifically hide the Title or Copyright fields.   
  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    Please email [email protected] and we can take a look at your settings to help get this resolved.

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  • Was this issue ever resolved? I cant believe such a simple and basic thing can be so difficult to do.
  • Gathering PixelsGathering Pixels MiamiMember Posts: 25
    Nick, not everyone is as technically superior as you are!
  • Was this resolved? Doesn't look like it on my page. If it was resolved could we perhaps post it so other people can find the answer too?
  • magendimmagendim Member Posts: 6
    No, this never did really get resolved. The only thing Zen came up as a workaround was to make the Title/Copyright text the same color as the background which essentially hides it but in a very convoluted way (and will only work on a solid colored background). Seems like it would be easy enough to add those fields to the list of metadata that can be hidden under Page Options as Katie described above....
  • kircherphotokircherphoto Member Posts: 7
    OMG, I can´t believe there is still no solution to this problem! ZEN PLEASE work on this!!!
    I need to hide the Title/Copyright text!
  • Mark Tassoni PhotographyMark Tassoni Photography PAMember Posts: 37
    You can hide everything, almost...but the title.
    Someone please explain the reasoning behind this?

    Workaround I use is to delete the title doe every image.
  • Rob van HoutRob van Hout NetherlandsMember Posts: 86
    This is another request that has been around for ages yet happily keeps being ignored by Zenfolio. My workaround was to set both to the smallest font size available and set the text color to transparent...
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  • manju27manju27 Member Posts: 1
    Ok, so I struggled a lot to find a way to hide the titles and FINALLY found a way to do that. In the Gallery, click on 'Select All' at the bottom of the page. Go to the top of the page and click on 'Photo Details' and in the Title Box, just hit space bar and click on 'SAVE'.

    Solved my problem for now but this is not the best way to do it.
  • manju27 wins! This is the solution. It is a little clumsy but easy and effective. Good thinking, 27.
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