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I do photos for sports and wedding and just about anything I am wanting to do more with the photos could someone tell me what would be the best things to get as for plug ins that I should have.

thank you


P.S. I have just about any plugin you can think about but don't want to install them all


  • eye see27eye see27 Member Posts: 1
     You are asking an open ended question. There are too many variables. Plugins perform many different functions. The ones you choose to use will depend solely upon the effect you are trying to achieve. Only you can answer the question regarding what affect you want.
    Plugins are nice but most of them take control away from the user. If you have a fully functional Photoshop program you can acheive most of the same affects with that program with better control. 
    Many of the plugins I have seen do the same thing that Photoshop can do. In Photoshop you can easily create an action yourself to replicate a plugin result.
  • Tristan JonesTristan Jones Member Posts: 32
    Photography is an art, art is about experimentation, if you have (ahem) all the plugins you could download (and some) then why not install them and experiment?

    Personally my opinion is, most plugins, are a waste of time and space, many are gimmicky pap that have no place in commercial work.
    You are better off learning how to use Photoshop at a professional level, and use a combination of Lightroom (of similar) and Photoshop to achieve your results.
    As the other reply states, and I back this up wholly, you can do almost anything yourself in Photoshop and combined with the power of Lightroom or Aperture et-al you can pretty much create to your hearts content.
    Colour and light in Lightroom.
    Creativity in Photoshop.
    Combine them FTW.
  • Carolyn HallCarolyn Hall Member Posts: 1
    A bit vague question. It greatly depends on what effect you want to achieve.
    Since you're dealing with sport I sassume you need professional software, not some freebies. Look through this article, it can be of help for choosing the right Photoshop plugin
  • Aswathi E MAswathi E M Member Posts: 1
    A good question.It really depends on what your desired output is.So here I would like to share an article about how to choose right Photoshop plugin,Read: 43 Best Photoshop Plugins
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