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    i have to agree; this is very disappointing!!! it took several tries to get a photo to appear in a post. finally after refreshing the facebook page and copying the link again, it showed a thumbnail. it did not load the thumbnail from the share link within Zenfolio. i had to manually cut and paste the link into my status. no customer is going to bother with that! this is pretty ridiculous. as others have mentioned, other places don't have this problem. i also routinely share news articles online and photos are always posted along with the link.
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    has there been any attempt to try to change/fix this?

    I know how to work around the problem, but cant expect client to do the same.
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    Yea, pretty unhappy about the facebook integration. My competitors on SmugMug have a clear advantage here.
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    (removed, sorry - my post was incorrect)
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    Seriously?!?! No fix for sharing on Facebook? Ins't this a major marketing tool with photographers? Come on guys, fix it.
  • I've figured out a quick workaround to the image thumbnail problem, (I just share the image to facebook, then before hitting "post", a close the share dialog box. Post the link again and the thumbnail posts properly) but what I find frustrating is that the text descriptions under the image don't post. It's just a photo with my website URL underneath, along with the title of the album the image is shared in.

    For example, if I post an image of an airplane from my "aviation" album, the caption underneath the photo link on FB will only have my site URL and "Aviation". None of the "blurb" that accompanies the photo.
  • as this issue been corrected. When i share an image from my page the picture shows up but when i try to share from a friends Zenfolio site it shows up as a link. Im I just lucky or is there something he can do to get it to work for his clients?
  • This issue has not been corrected. Zenfolio - is this a hierarchy layout problem in the way the .com/pages/photo/album/photo.jpg should work ? I am not a pro, but it seems as if each photo doesn't have its own individual identity as i listed in the example above. If that is the case then FB wont be able to understand an album from an individual photo, or even text.

    A share to facebook from your zenfolio dashboad needs to be implemented for the artist, and a optional share to facebook button on the site pages and photos for customers viewing the page instead of just a like button.
  • just as i thought, this post in the forum will share to facebook accurately with a single click, but photos, and albums will not. Hmm
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    Still not fixed...
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    ZenBrian - thanks for trying, but yeah sharing socially is kind of vital to a social photographer, pinterest, facebook etc - zenfolio could be so amazing, but these things are starting to hurt - SAVE ME!!! lol Or if that is too hard, just find a way and to work it for us ;)
  • Similar problem with twitter, when you share an image from zenfolio sites to twitter only a link appears not the image... that isn't a twitter problem it's a zenfolio problem
  • This is STILL a major problem. Either they are too inexperienced to fix it, or are doing this on purpose, or simply don't give a crap so long as they keep collecting money from it's members.
  • I've had a number of problems over the years I've paid for my Zenfolio services, since 2012. This is the glitch that is having the most damaging effects on my business since 2013. This is not acceptable, Zenfolio. I've reviewed each and every post in this thread. I've read that Facebook is to blame, although the only site affected appears to be Zenfolio. But my account and all other accounts I've heard. I have read ZenBrian's suggestion to use the FB debugger, so I did. It flagged 5 issues and told me - essentially - "You have problems. Fix them and try re-posting". I have problems? Yeah. My ex-wife is after me for money. My balls get sweaty in July and August, an approaching time of the year. I could make a list, but y'all see where I'm headed. I can fix my personal problems, but they won't rectify this glitch affecting hundreds if not thousands of Zenfolio users. No credit can compensate us for the damage this is doing to our abilities to earn, and damages to our brands. Clients aren't loyal in this day and age; they have issues using our site, they leave and don't return. If I'm posting Facebook posts with no pix previewed, my posts are generally ignored.

    This is a priority issue, Zenfolio Administration. Please address it as such.


    Daniel A Betts
    Photojournalist, Actor (NPAC, NPS, CPC)
  • UPDATE: I'm one of those problem-solving kinda guys. I've noticed this issue off and on over the last 2/3 months, but now it appears to be prevalent. So my first step in trouble-shooting was to move my Groups and then the actual Galleries to be embedded in my site less deeply. Same shit. Then, I compared which images would load a thumbnail/preview and which would not. I'm finding tonight that my pix that have been up for a while are all previewing, where the newest one consistently doesn't preview. No matter what approach I try.

    It's possible that Faceplant (Facebook) and Zenfolio aren't speaking together so well nowadays, and it takes longer for our images to be cached by FB's web-crawler. The FB debugger tool is reporting that it is unable to connect to Zenfolio, which indicates to me a problem in their communications. They need more time, I'll propose, to talk it out and get our shit cached on FB.

    For Wedding and Event shooters, as often as you can perhaps upload your photosets to galleries then keep the galleries hidden until its time to make delivery. Many shooters edit-down (cull) their images in Lightroom/C1/etcetera. Perhaps convert them all. Upload them all to your Zenny site and have them in an unpublished gallery. Cull from there. After you've made your final selections you could make a list of your keepers to reflect your choices on your PC, or just download a copy back to your PC. (that's what I'd do) I photograph events. This will affect me this summer, if it continues. My suggested work-around will only work successfully in a small number of cases....if my theory actually proves to be valid. I'm testing now, but it may take a day or two before I see results. OTOH, this glitch may be more prevalent on Sunday's. Ironically, one of the most vital days we need this feature to be working a fricken sap!
  • This is becoming a very bad problem. Please have it fixed. Thanks.
  • Facebook reports that it cannot connect to Zenfolio. Other sites seem to be able to be reached by FB just fine, it's just Zenfolio that's giving FB dial-tone when Facebook tries to connect. This is clearly a FB issue. It's now the second half of June. This is not the time for Zenfolio to take our money with one hand yet hold the other between us and our clients. Thank you for your attention to this somewhat urgent matter.
    2017_6-19 Cannot Post to FB with Preview-Pic.png
    1600 x 1200 - 2M
  • I believe I've found why Facebook is having difficulty adding our pix to cache. Because Zenfolio has added every photo we own to a "Quick Shop" feature of some type. I guess they don't comprehend that we don't care to sell the photos in our portfolio galleries, photos that we've sold Exclusivity to our clients on, or images we just plain don't want to sell. Websites that offer images for sale are POS'. Websites that don't are considered "Portfolio Sites". This difference can have serious legal repercussions depending on the content of the images. It shows a very different intent of the website-owning photographer, and could land him/her in some pretty hot water :neutral:
  • I was wrong. It has nothing to do with longevity on the site. I just tried Sharing from my newer gallery, no preview. I moved the same pic to an older gallery and tried Sharing, preview no problem. If I can gather this bit of data in my extremely limited down-time, I would think the Zenfolio team could do far better. If they wanted to.
  • An update or progress with this?
    I want to upload links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
    When doing this with an Zenfolio links, it is only the link that appears.
    When trying this with links from Fine Art America and Flickr, you get the link and an image.

    Bit a of a deal breaker when come to renewing my subscription with Zenfolio.
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