How do I add options for sell Fullfilled products

So the zenfolio purchasing system is overly complicated. As such, I'd like to keep things as tight and clean as possible.

I would like self-fulfill -- say I add a product in zenfolio named "Retouched 16x24" or something then select a delivery method, add it to the price list, etc... that seems to work.
I then need to add a "Retouched 10x15" or whatever additional product I want... it's be tedious, but I'm willing to do it.

The thing I cannot figure out is how to offer options for self-fullfilled products the same way I can for for mpix-fullfilled products. I can't find a way to do media options, for instance -- like they select a 20x30 and then get to select between canvas, velvet, glossy, luster, metal, etc... all at different rates.

The only way I can think to come up with a solution that offers this (other than to give up on quality and not self-fulfill) is to incorporate those options into the product title. So if I want people to be able to select between luster and glossy, I actually have to make two full set of 'products' so I'll have "Retouched Glossy 8x10" and "Retouched Luster 8x10".... if I wanted to offer velvet I'd need to do a "Retouched Velvet 8x10" product set as well... VERY tedious, but I'm willing to do it.

The problem I'm NOT willing to deal with is that it starts to create an overly-long 'product selection' screen for the customer. Multiply 15-20 different size options by 5-7 different media/paper types by 2 different color options and maybe 2-3 different finish options and suddently I've got a product selection screen that has over 350 different products on it all in one big long list. The ordering process is already very complicated for the customer -- this would basically ensure zero people were able to navigate it.

All to replicate the ability I get from the mpix-fullfilled with just a few different options per size. ...

How can I solve this problem? What am I missing?


  • brokentoyshopbrokentoyshop Member Posts: 6
    You aren't missing anything. ZF has very limited options for Self Fulfilled products at this time.
    I am also searching for a solution to this problem. The response that I've seen from ZF employees to queries like this is "if you don't like it, go elsewhere". Which is not what I wanted to hear.

    It would be pretty simple to have a base product with drop down menus.
    Matted 8x12 print.
    Option 1 - Matt colour white/black/grey/etc...
    Option 2 - Paper type gloss/matte/metallic/etc...
    Option 3 - Framing
    Option 4 - Shipping location postal address/alternative address/etc..
    Option 5 - Shipping rate post/expresss post/courier/etc...

    All ZF needs to do is allow for the drop down menus, we can populate them with all the different specifications. And it is no skin off of their nose if we make a mistake, as it is a self-fulfilled product and they have nothing to do with it.

    As far as I can tell, it's not a priority for them, even though it's pretty much money for nothing considering the boost to sales.

    At the moment, I'm trying to figure out how show product photos, with out having to create a new product for every single image I have on display.

    It shouldn't be this hard, especially considering the price we pay for what is essentially just a basic cart and checkout feature.
  • brokentoyshopbrokentoyshop Member Posts: 6
    You can vote on desired features and improvements.
    Here is a link to the highest voted self-fulfilled thing so far.
    There are other self-fulfilled ones that can vote for, but I think if everyone votes for the same one, it may get noticed (and probably ignored as it's already been called to be in the too hard basket).
  • McCartyMcCarty Member Posts: 28
    edited July 2013
    I suppose if you are not a premium business member its a boost to sales for Zen. But they make nothing off me if I self fulfill. I just can't see the point of not being a premium business member? If you do enough sales to be self fulfilling, then why not be a premium business member and pay 0%.
    But more to the point, I would love to see templates for basic product offerings for self fulfilling. Its no secret the reason to self fulfill is to avoid paying (Insert lab "Millers" here) 12% for the privilege of printing my order. If I send the order to Millers myself, I don't pay that 12%. So Zen, how about making a pricing template with Millers, and Mpix's general prints prices. Add some drop downs of things we can add, add a generic shipping and allow us to make changes to the template. If we want to get more complex then great. But what most of us want is a starting point using the current Pro labs offerings.

    I will now answer my own question. Millers would kill Zen if they did this. Lets not forget, Zen is not here for us. They are here to make $. Period. We pay very little for Zen and they need to keep the money coming in from the back end too.

  • Federer PhotographyFederer Photography Member Posts: 5
    The reason I want to self-fulfill has nothing to do with wanting to avoid a fee... it's that I want to maintain quality control over my product as well as do final edits and retouches to the image before it's printed.
  • McCartyMcCarty Member Posts: 28
    If you turn offf auto approval, you will be allowed to replace the image ordered with your retouched image. I do this for my wedding and portrait orders. The only thing I wish Zen would add is the ability for me to add texture and luster coating to the prints.
    I never worry about quality of the final print with Millers. I think they are the best lab in the country for portraits. I'm a professional photographer. I let professional printers with millions of dollars of equipment handle fine prints. We used to do our own printing in the days of film. We did a little with printing B&W glossys from Epsons in the early digital days. But today, I can't imagine trying to out print a pro lab in quality, cost or efficiency. That might come down to the volume of orders though.
    Zen makes it very difficult to make a self fulfilled price list. That is for sure. For basic prints its easy. But as soon as you want to add options, its very limited. This is a big topic on these forums.
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