How often do you use polarizing filters when you shoot?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
To polarize, or not to polarize. That is the question. In the photography world, polarization can be thought of as a way to increase saturation, reduce glare, minimize reflections, cut through a hazy day, and help bring higher contrast images to a more manageable dynamic range. While it may not be useful in every scenario and still has downsides, it produces one of the few effects that is pretty much impossible to duplicate with post production. How do you feel about polarizing filters? Do you use them?

How often do you use polarizing filters when you shoot? 33 votes

I use it majority of the time – don’t leave home without it.
6% 2 votes
I use it fairly often, but don’t rely on it
12% 4 votes
I only polarize once in a while
54% 18 votes
I don't like to polarize
21% 7 votes
3% 1 vote
None of these really fit
3% 1 vote

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