What’s the maximum ISO you are comfortable shooting with?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Digital noise can ruin an image, and the camera industry has spent countless dollars and hours trying to figure out how to deal with it. While each company handles it differently (some better than others), at higher ISO’s it’s always going to be an issue. There are also many different noise reduction plugins/software/actions that can help bring the noise down to manageable levels so you can really push the limits of your camera’s ISO capabilities. With noise in mind (and excluding emergency situations), what’s the maximum ISO you are comfortable shooting with? Do you have any tips on handling noise?

What’s the maximum ISO you are comfortable shooting with? 48 votes

I keep it 800 or less
8% 4 votes
1600 is my stopping point
27% 13 votes
I push it to 3200 with no issues
37% 18 votes
6400 before it becomes a problem
10% 5 votes
12800 and no more
4% 2 votes
I’ll go somewhere in between
0% 0 votes
I’ll push it as far as I can, there's ways to clean it up
12% 6 votes

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