Apply Presets - Slide show images too big

I really like the look of some of the new presets, and would like to apply.

Unfortunately, when I preview, my slideshow images appear very zoomed - and are poor quality as a result.
I have a mixture of portrait and Landscape in the slideshow - which i know is not ideal, but it looks pretty awful and misses the main subject ofe most images by this selective zooming?

Is there any way around this?


  • Caleo PhotosCaleo Photos Member Posts: 1
    I am also experiencing this problem. Any solution?
  • Stroodle88Stroodle88 White Salmon, WAMember Posts: 90
    I experienced that when I tried some of the full-page slideshows that are part of the new series of themes and I agree; didn't like the fact that the larger images distorted the look of photos because the photos came out grainier than I'd like them to be. One thing to take note of is what the uploaded resolution of the files are in your slideshow. It's possible that photos in your slideshow are low-resolution relative to the resolution of the computer monitor you are viewing on meaning that if you have a 1920x1200 pixel monitor like me, and your photo's width is less than 1920 pixels, I believe Zen's algorithm will stretch those photos you chose to make them full screen. I like the look of the new preset templates, but personally don't like the full screen - wish one could change/adjust it.
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  • If you go to the Customize Visitor View and select Slideshow in the first field, then open the Options tab and deselect "Scale Images" your photos should not automatically go to full screen.
  • CreatiVisionCreatiVision Member Posts: 1
    Yes, most full-screen pictures look terrible, altrough not all. I don't understand the diffrence, because the size is equal. I think Zenfolio must reduce the picture mb/kb's to show the pictures fast, but thats breakdown most of the pictures. It can not be the picture itself; i work with full-size (fullframe) pictures.
    At the full-size photo-page, a message ask to set youre picture on the XXL size; in that way you just see parts of the picture; thats also not nice.
    Scale youre images at "scale images" makes it better, but than you can also take an other layout, in place of full size.

    Solution is in my opinion to look for pictures that shown okay, but the best option is not using the full-screen option...till zenfolio makes it better. (it can be better as show by, for example)
  • Kevin CoppalottiKevin Coppalotti Member Posts: 38
    why scale images at all? it completely wrecks the photo.
  • Andrew P. PhotoAndrew P. Photo Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2015
    Sorry for the necrobump, but I emailed Zen about this and didn't get an answer I was thrilled with. There's been no resolution Has there been any word from Zenfolio on this matter? Really pissing me off right now..
  • I am having this problem -- I made my site a while ago before all these new presets -- would love to use one, but now my photos look like crap full screen... what to do?
  • When in fullscreen mode, not only 90% of my photos look like they came out of a cheap smartphone, but the mode itself is totally useless on any size screen. They are simply zoomed in which cuts them off on all sides
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