Windows 8.1 IE Support

Zenfolio says I am using an unsupported browser now that I am on the most current browser. When is Zenfolio going to get updated to support current IE browser?


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
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    IE 10 is the most current version of IE. IE 11 isn't hasn't been officially released and is only available as a preview or beta. Most likely won't be released until 2014. Sorry about my previous post as I was thrown off by the "current browser" with the only thing to go by was the tag windows 8.1. My eye just saw the 8.1 so I assumed that was the version of IE you were using.
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  • John Watson Photography LSWPPJohn Watson Photography LSWPP Southampton, UKMember Posts: 111
    Windows 8.1 is using IE 11 (not 10). However you are correct, its not a supported browser yet. I just uninstalled my windows 8.1 and gone back to 8.0 because its just too buggy. so may be no support till Microsoft sort there bit out first.
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