Do you have an ideal Aperture range?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Depth of field is a powerful tool. You can use it to focus the viewer on exactly what you want in an image, or make everything crystal clear. However, nailing down the exposure is also an integral part of getting the perfect shot. Many very different results can be achieved with one setting: Aperture. Unlike shutter speed and ISO, Aperture can wear different hats. Whether you use it to throw the focus or to help in low-light situations, with the power of the F-Stop at your fingertips, do you have an ideal range? Is it different for personal work vs jobs?

Do you have an ideal Aperture range? 21 votes

Anything under 2.8 is ideal
4% 1 vote
Generally from 2.8 – 5.6
52% 11 votes
8 – 11
28% 6 votes
0% 0 votes
Anything over 22
0% 0 votes
I don’t pay much attention
4% 1 vote
I have other thoughts on this…
9% 2 votes

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  • I chose 8-11 as I primarily shoot landscapes and that offers the sharpest images with great depth of field. However, when shooting portraits, I almost always use 2.8 or larger.
  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    I range anywhere from 2.8 - 11 for portraits, especialy in studio.
  • M4/3 has effectively twice the depth of field as larger sensor cameras, so f8 will yield almost everything being super sharp for me from front to back on landscape shots. I usually shoot f2 which would be @f4 for anything close and f5.6-8 for anything else.
  • David ForsterDavid Forster Member Posts: 1
    Um, it kinda depends on what I'm shooting...
  • mattb123mattb123 Member Posts: 14
    Definitely depends, but since I shoot mostly landscapes it's 8-11. Portraits are often 1.7-3.5 or so.
  • baggybaggy Member Posts: 4
    Depends on the subject, interriors, products, macro, lifestyle etc, I work anywhere between 1.8 and 22 .
    Choosing an aperture is one of the creative choices made on a shot by shot basis.
  • GDMKGDMK Member Posts: 56
    I am 'generally' in the f8 to f11 camp for my main area of photography - commercial, urban and transport. But having said that I use the most appropriate for the look I want to create. I will use f1.8 if the look demands it but will have no hesitation in slightly repositioning myself and going to f22, or anywhere between, to create a different look and perspective.
  • SylvainPhotoSylvainPhoto Member Posts: 76
    All this poll questions, does not really make sense for me. We are doing photography, so we constantly adapt the aperture to balance our creativity and the conditions. I am not sure, for what this polls are use. Shall we see the result one day with it analysis ? Or is it just a commercial idea that poped out in one of your meeting : "yea let us be close to our customer, we can make polls on the forum to show how interested and engaged we are " something like that :)
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