Which type of food photography makes your mouth water most?

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With the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year contest in full swing, it can get you both thinking and hungry. These days, there seems to be three main camps when it comes to capturing and sharing food. With all of the tricks that food/still-life photographers have in their pocket, a perfectly lit and styled place setting can easily pull you right in. On the other hand, seeing the pure euphoria on a person’s face when they enjoy a bite may be even more enticing. Despite the stigma behind it, Instagram can be considered the third camp...often combining the other two. Easily dismissed thanks to the amateurish nature of it, with so many people hash-tagging shots of their latest food-venture it’s still hard to ignore the impact on the food sharing world. With these three camps in mind, whether you do food photography or just like to eat, which type of food photography makes your mouth water most?

Which type of food photography makes your mouth water most? 16 votes

Just the food – I can imagine myself indulging
87% 14 votes
With people – I want my mouth to feel that happy too
6% 1 vote
Instagrammed – I see so many new things to try (and the filters aren’t so bad)
0% 0 votes
There another option that tickles my taste buds
6% 1 vote

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