Do you do your own color management?

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The world of color in photography is expansive and everyone has their opinion about it…by having a favorite color, enjoying black & white instead of color, leaning towards certain hues or saturation levels, etc. The ability to translate these preferences into the final print/product can be quite the task, though. Between the different monitors, printers, surfaces to print on, and ICC profiles, everything has its own unique way of displaying or handling color. Getting everything to play nice together can be a challenge, but it can yield some close-to-perfect results. Recently on our blog, we posted a great article dealing with Color Management, and it included some great tips on how to get images printed the way you want them to be seen. It begs the question: between calibrating your equipment and soft proofing your images, do you do your own color management? Do you have any tips or comments to share that help you achieve consistency between what you see and what you get?

Do you do your own color management to get your color exactly how you want them? 15 votes

I calibrate my monitor, but that’s about it
40% 6 votes
I have a pretty thorough color management system
33% 5 votes
I have someone else do it for me
0% 0 votes
I don’t do anything
13% 2 votes
I'm working on getting a good process established
13% 2 votes

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