When it comes to critiquing your work, who do trust to be both honest and helpful?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Throughout your photography career, it’s important to constantly challenge yourself and grow, both with your own work and with the industry. We never stop learning, and each shoot we do can teach us about ourselves — for better or for worse. While in some ways it’s easy to critique yourself, it can be quite hard to look at your own work completely objectively. Critiques can be great for learning, but can also be useless and negative if it’s not constructive. When it comes down to getting honest opinions and critiques on your work, who do trust to be both honest and helpful?

When it comes to critiquing your work, who do trust to be both honest and helpful? 12 votes

Spouse/Significant Other
16% 2 votes
Family member(s)
0% 0 votes
A select group of friends
33% 4 votes
Work partners
8% 1 vote
The public (i.e. forums and social media)
8% 1 vote
Photo contests
16% 2 votes
8% 1 vote
8% 1 vote

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  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,459
    Other - My Clients
  • EvanChungPhotographyEvanChungPhotography San Francisco Bay AreaMember Posts: 18
    Other - I think it's also important to get your work published in blog and print publications. When submitted work isn't accepted, it's great to get some feedback. Publications are usually pretty open and honest with their feedback, so put on your thick skin. -Evan
  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    Forums and social media can be pretty brutal especially when they are anonymous. I always had the best, most honest and helpful feedback when I was in school for both bfa, but especially mfa.
  • GDMKGDMK Member Posts: 56
    Good quality critique is very hard to get. Forums can be full of fanboy mentality, and with the rise of content marketing mania, people seem to be afraid of being honest and consequently love everything because they want a follow or like.

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