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Is there a way to make various preset gallery settings? Depending on who or what the gallery is for will depend if I want share options, public, private, download options etc… Having to reset the parameters each time is a drag.


  • christopherstevenbchristopherstevenb OttawaMember Posts: 255
    Can you duplicate your gallery 'x' number of times, name each gallery with a friendly url that distinguishes them for you, then apply different presets to each of them ? I can see that this solution would be unfeasible if doing this for multiple galleries on an ongoing basis.

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  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    You do have the option to organize your galleries into Groups, though, and setting the privacy settings at the group level. This way, whenever a new gallery is added to the Group, it will automatically inherit the Group's settings.

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