How many backups do you keep of your images?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Protecting your work takes many forms. There’s protecting it from others, but also protecting it from the equipment. As anyone who has experienced a hard drive failure can attest, having a backup of your work is a life saver. There are many ways to back things up, from raided hard drives to cloud storage (does anyone use tapes anymore?), and many recommend having backups in different physical locations for additional safety. With all the different options (drives, tapes, cloud-storage systems, etc.) out there, how many backups do you usually keep of your images? Are they all in one physical location, or do you spread them out?

How many backups do you keep of your images? 33 votes

I don’t have any backups
0% 0 votes
I have 1 backup, and that’s enough
12% 4 votes
I have a few different backups
54% 18 votes
I have several, and then backups of my backups
33% 11 votes

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  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    I have lost everything once, which is enough to learn my lesson. I have a cloud back up and a home back up. And still I wonder if I should add another….
  • christopherstevenbchristopherstevenb OttawaMember Posts: 255
    edited April 2014
    I had 2 hard drives fail on me in the span of a month. This has convinced me that only one backup is not sufficient--at least when dealing with client work or stuff that is personally important.

    The interesting thing is that these kinds of failures of backup schemes has pushed me closer to being more cloud friendly. Almost every time I start to create a new document (text / spreadsheet) I ask myself: why wouldn't I do this in google docs ?

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  • aperature4aperature4 Member Posts: 19
    I have backups in my Zenfolio account, external hard drive at home and a copy at my parents house.
  • Hans KruseHans Kruse Member Posts: 5
    I have several home backups and a cloud backup.
  • I use Apple's Time Machine for real-time backups. Plus, I copy my Lightroom catalog and images about once a month to my laptop, which also has Lightroom. I also use "Carbonite" for secure cloud backups that I can retrieve from anywhere on any computer.

    That may sound a little paranoid, but after having experienced a few disk failures over the years and the accompanying sickening feeling of thinking I'd potential lost years worth of work convinced me that a smidgen of paranoia may not be such a bad thing when it comes to my images.
  • jeffteejefftee Member Posts: 12
    I currently have the following backups for all of my images:

    1. A local time machine backup to a USB external drive
    2. A local CrashPlan backup to a 2nd USB external drive
    3. A cloud CrashPlan backup
    4. A cloud backup using Amazon Cloud Drive

    Yes, I am a little paranoid... :)
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