Download permissions don't include video

We have photo packages that the customer purchases ahead of time and want to deliver the video with the gallery of photos. While the video file will show in the gallery, and ALL the photos can be downloaded with the password we set, the video will NOT select for download. We set the video protections to "Same as containing group" i.e., the photo gallery.

When we click on the "Downloading" tab in settings, two buttons show which photo files or raw files are to be downloaded, but there is no selection for video. Neither we nor the client can download the video without setting a price list in the shopping cart.

It seems an awkward workaround for something that should be easy to set up. Is there a setting we are missing?


  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    For Videos, there is actually a box to check in your Customize Visitor View > Options > Page Elements > Videos:Make largest allowed sizes downloadable. Can you double check this area to make sure it's selected?

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    This little checkbox, should be in the right hand window with all of the other folder specific features. And, can't download several folders. Can there be an option to download a GROUP folder that neatly contains the items presorted with one click, one link? Please? And please make the video have the same control path as the images, why are they different with options buried in some out of the way place?
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  • MartWilliamsMartWilliams Member Posts: 6
    ZenBrian said:

    For Videos, there is actually a box to check in your Customize Visitor View > Options > Page Elements > Videos:Make largest allowed sizes downloadable. Can you double check this area to make sure it's selected?

    How on earth were we supposed to have thought to look there??? Beggars belief, put it in the same access panel where we choose the access settings for photos. It's not rocket science.
    You are destroying my credibility with customers when you hide stuff like this. When I ONLY select videos WHY does "Photo Access" come up on the right hand side? If no photos are selected why do you make it look like I can effect ANYTHING to do with videos, when I can't!!! Look up "Intuitive" in the dictionary, please!
  • AarographyAarography Member Posts: 3
    This post is 3 years old, and I cannot believe Zenfolio hasn't fixed this issue yet. I also uploaded videos for a client recently, and they were unable to download them even though I had all the default download boxes checked. Now, after searching for an hour, I found out how to enable video downloads through a random navigation of options.

    I agree with MACH PHOTOGRAPHY (above). This is absolutely ridiculous. PLEASE fix this soon, so others don't have to waste their time figuring this out.
  • I agree with Mach Photography as well. This is unbelievable. Just started with a new client, sent the link to videos, made sure downloading was checked. I get an email back that they can't download. Zenfolio is supposed to make us look good, you are making us look like fools. Here I am wasting my time on this forum.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 216
    I apologize for the frustration.

    The download controls in the Access Control are for original downloads only. We do not store original videos so that is why the download controls in Access Control do not apply to videos. I can understand how can be confusing.

    We value your feedback and our developers are certainly looking at ways at making a more user friendly experience.
  • I am also trying to allow downloading of a video file. I see the instructions above, but I cannot find the "customize visitor view" menu. Can you tell me how to find it, please?
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 216
    "Customize Visitor View" is an older term that is now commonly known as "Customize Website View."

    You can get here from your Dashboard by hovering over MyZenfolio, and clicking "Customize Website." However, the easiest option would be to navigate to the videos within the gallery in PHOTOS tab of your Dashboard. Then, hover over PREVIEW > click Customize.

    This will take you to the area you need to be to allowing saving of videos.

    As always, feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you need step-by-step instructions.

    Take Care :smile:
  • Julie ReillyJulie Reilly Member Posts: 1
    While editing my gallery, "Gallery Access" on the far right shows this status
    Password protected
    Downloading: Password Required
    Largest Allowed: XX-Large

    After selecting a video "Photo Access" on the far right shows
    Password protected
    Largest Allowed: Full HD (1080p)

    a) They both always show the "Largest Allowed line" regardless of whether Videos:Make largest allowed sizes downloadable is checked. When not checked, the Zenfolio interface should not display "Largest Allowed: ..."; i.e. do not allow the status to lie to/confuse the gallery owner by saying something is "Allowed" in cases when it is not allowed.

    b) Please change Zenfolio to say "Video Access" instead when a video is selected, because a video isn't a photo?

    c) Meanwhile
    In Gallery Thumbnails->Options->Page Elements, I check the box for "Videos:Make largest allowed sizes downloadable"
    In Gallery Photos->Options->Page Elements, I check the box for Videos:Show Download Link

    Finally I "Publish" the changes, and ...... the download button still never appears for any videos in the gallery, so my visitor still cannot download the video at any resolution.

    What arcane video option have I overlooked?

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