With all the talented assistants out there, how did/do you find yours?

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Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time during a shoot? Whether it’s setting up a light, getting a different angle, or downloading images while continuing to shoot, a good assistant can help you do exactly that. Well, as close as possible, anyway. A solid assistant is an invaluable asset; someone that knows what you need and how to help you get it done. If they are second shooting for you, you know they will nail their shots. If they are helping with equipment, you can trust they have it all, and know how to use it. Finding the rockstar in a sea of prospects isn’t always easy, and when you a bad one comes along it can be devastating to the shoot. With all the assisting talent out there, where do you find yours? Do you have one that you hail above all else? Have you had any bad ones, and how did you handle it?

With all the talented assistants out there, how did/do you find yours? 8 votes

I find mine through referrals
12% 1 vote
I dip into Academia for assistants
0% 0 votes
I put out ads (craigslist, social media, etc)
25% 2 votes
Through established photo organizations
0% 0 votes
They find me
0% 0 votes
A combination of these
25% 2 votes
25% 2 votes
I don’t use assistants
12% 1 vote

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