How do you, if at all, utilize Pinterest for your business?

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These days, Pinterest is used for much more than sharing recipes and do-it-yourself projects (successes and disasters). It can also be an additional marketing tool for you and your business. Letting people Pin your shots, re-pinning other relevant shots, following others, etc, can all help increase your exposure. If you’re on the social media scene anyway, having Pinterest in the mix seems like a no-brainer. How do you utilize Pinterest for your business? Has the Pinterest Verification for your website helped?

How do you, if at all, utilize Pinterest for your business? 14 votes

I follow as many people as possible
0% 0 votes
I pin, re-pin, and tag constantly
7% 1 vote
I run promos and competitions on Pinterest
7% 1 vote
I use Pinterest as a market research platform
7% 1 vote
A combination of these
21% 3 votes
I do something else with Pinterest
35% 5 votes
I don’t use Pinterest at all
21% 3 votes

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  • sunezensunezen Zenfolio Support Posts: 14
    edited May 2014
    This is how I utilize my business Pinterest account:

    Great for session inspirations, showing available props, and for collaborating with clients to get an idea of their style or what they expect to get out of their session.
  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    I have not yet quite gotten on board with Pinterest yet. It does seem like an up and coming social site though. Do you think it will last?
  • kthompsonkthompson Member Posts: 2,473
    Pintrest is my lookbook! Always available in my pocket on my phone! I can create boards and add many as I want! Brides or models can add to a board I create just for them so I can see what they are looking for, and I don't have to count on my old old brain to remember it all! I love it!
  • Michigan NutMichigan Nut Member Posts: 25
    I verified my website with Pinterest and made gallery boards to match my website galleries. Now I pin photos from my website to those Pinterest boards.
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