Do you offer digital files to your clients?

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Digital downloads are easy. They are easy to offer, easy to deliver, and easy to share, making them a great medium to sell or offer to your clients. This can present quite the security concern, though. Once a digital file is out of your hands, keeping track of it is nearly impossible. Digital Licenses are useful for protection, and limiting the size of the download is also a great way to limit what can be done with a digital file. While prints may offer more peace of mind when it comes to security, do you offer digital files to your clients? What size do you allow them to have? Do you sell them, or offer them as part of a package?

Do you offer digital files to your clients? 33 votes

I only offer high/full resolution downloads
27% 9 votes
I offer web resolution only
9% 3 votes
I offer a few different sizes for different needs
45% 15 votes
I do not offer digital downloads
18% 6 votes

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