Self-fulfilled URL Access

Howdy! We are currently developing some internal systems using the new Self-fulfilled URL access.


Has anyone else on the forum successfully used this yet? If so, what backend system are you integrating with, or are you just using plan urls?


  • textconnectstextconnects Member Posts: 23
    Have you had support activate this feature for you? I haven't gotten it to work, but I don't have a High Volume account since we are a development company over a photography business.


    From the Article:
    "NOTE: Access to self-fulfillment URLs is available exclusively to High Volume accounts. Please contact us for more details."
  • Hi textconnects - we've been testing this new feature and have been having good success.
  • jeffteejefftee Member Posts: 12
    I have just requested access to the self-fulfilled stuff through the API. I want to integrate with ShipStation, to automatically print mailing labels for self-fulfilled orders.

    Since I can't yet access the order-tools API, do you have an example of what the output looks like? The doc doesn't show the output format, but I'm hoping it includes the customer address info that would be needed for shipping, etc.

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