Anyone use ProImageEditors????

Hey Folks, anyone out there use ProImageEditors?? I noticed there seems to be a bit of a discount to Zenfolio members but it seems as though you have to pay an extra $50 through your Zenfolio "add on" to get the discount so you would have to use the service quite a bit to have it worth it right?? Any thoughts??


  • EvanChungPhotographyEvanChungPhotography San Francisco Bay AreaMember Posts: 18
    I have that add-on on my ZF account and it works pretty well. I pay $50 annually to keep it running and get a discount when I place an order through PIE. I think the first time I used them, there was a discount that gave me a $50 credit towards PIE orders so it was like getting the ZF add-on for free and then the add-on discounted all my orders. That was definitely worth it. I think they still run that promo, but you'd have to check with PIE. I'd say it has been especially worth it since it's freed up time that I was editing weddings to spend more time with family. And after comparing them to other services, PIE is most certainly the best deal and value. Hope this is helpful! ~Evan
  • I have used them as well and it works great for me. Saves ALOT of time. I think it is well worth $50 annually.
  • I had 24 weddings for 2014 and 326 family, newborn, engagement, and children sessions. I do a super quick run through of each wedding to get rid of obvious ick ones and let them do the rest. My weddings are from 2 hrs before the ceremony through the grand march. I work alone. Its an investment when you can save hundreds of hours of editing. Lightroom mobile is great, too.
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    I've found it excellent, no real complaints when you consider the price.
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    I just PM'ed you Violet Lace Photography
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