"Pay to Play"- Paying for an opportunity to be published.

So. Two local photographers are organizing a swimsuit shoot, whereby they are charging both models and photographers 75 dollars to participate. They have stated that any participating photographer will have their shots considered in the magazine "Emerald Lifestyle" (their pet magazine).

What are your thoughts on this? To me, it seems predatory, an attempt to exploit both unestablished models and unestablished photographers. I can't comprehend paying someone to consider displaying my work.


  • AprilElizabethAprilElizabeth Member Posts: 74
    I don't think paying to have your shots in a magazine is a good idea. And to have your shots only be CONSIDERED to be in a magazine is even worse. The whole thing doesn't seem right.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,461
    I agree with April. Something isn't right.
  • JimedJimed Alvord, TexasMember Posts: 65
    Do you want to learn how to shoot a new style? If so perhaps. If you are looking for increased sales I don't think it's a good deal. I see very few sales as a result of being published even when I know the other customers are reading the issue. Oh I get "congratulations" on Facebook but dollars in the piggy bank ... not so much.

    Invest the $75.00 in communicating with your potential customer base or in continuing education and you might see some return.
    Jim Edmondson
    Optical Harmonics
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