Upgrading to a full frame DSLR

Marcus Reinkensmeyer Marcus Reinkensmeyer Scottsdale, ArizonaMember Posts: 24
Some facts, figures and some of my lessons learned the hard way: http://www.mwrphotos.com/blog/2013/4/upgrading-to-a-full-frame-camera-ownership-costs-and-benefits
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    With all due respect, wouldn't you need to upgrade your computer anyway if you purchased a current copy of most software applications? What about an aging computer just waiting to crash because your hard drive is working overtime and over heating because you don't have enough memory or because you leave your computer on rather than shutting it down after every use.

    In your TCO analysis, where is your "Tax Depreciation Offset" (assuming you are a professional photographer earning a living from your craft). From a business perspective, I've never heard the term TBO.
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    Interesting Marcus, thanks for posting the link to your blog. I think you really experienced the costs of dealing with lots of data not a full frame or APS-C issue. I have used a full frame D700 since they came out and had none of those issues initially. However even with only 12 megapixel sensor, with enough images the same issues arrive. Add a little video to the mix and storage capacity and speed become serious issues to address.

    I think the lesson is anytime we increase the amount of data we process and store there are considerable costs to consider. It does not matter if it's going from a 8 meg crop sensor to a 22 meg crop sensor, adding a second shooter or jumping into video, digital is not free.
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    No one ever said photography is cheap :)
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    That's for sure! And nobody said it was easy either (particularly if it's how you make your living).
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    Just wanted to point out that if your issue is storage there are many reasonable options outside of just getting external or internal drives that are cheap.

    1. Flickr has 1TB free - can keep it private - did I say free
    2. If you need and use MS Office you and can a family plan for I think $120 a year - gives you actually 5 licenses with 1TB of storage each on OneDrive - That is 5 TB you could leverage.

    Just some thoughts to help with storage and it is in the cloud so nice backup for when you are done with processing.
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