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I want to announce my app for all WP8.1 phones :-bd

It is something that was always requested (if I search on the Zenfolio topics). So, after getting an account and see that the Zenfolio API is really simple to implement, I decided to create a simple WP8.1 app. It is only a viewer and it is at its first version so be patient if you find some graphical bugs.

I am happy for each feedback and comment you will leave, so I can make this app always better.

It works only for WP8.1 (that is completly different from WP8 and not compatible). So if you have a Lumia 630 or Lumia 930 it will work. If you have an older phone, you need to update your phone to WP8.1.

The app can be downloaded from the store:

Or from my dedicated webpage:

Hope you enjoy this Zenfolio app for Windows Phone!
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