Automatically append ZF Comments to Lightroom IPTC?

I've published a large set of photos to a folder of galleries via jfriedl's ZF publish plugin for Lightroom. It's a set of old family photo scans and clients have been instructed to log in and leave comments to build a database of names, places, occasions, etc. My question is two-pronged...

- Are ZF comments searchable? (e.g. if a client wants to find all the photos people have tagged with 'Larry' by commenting on it, how is that accomplished)

- Is there an automated way to export/bind/merge ZF comments back into my LR catalog, say appended into the caption field in IPTC? This is kind of a reach I know, but this would 'future-proof' the work people are putting into commenting, and make them searchable on my back end. The frustrating irony here is that jfriedl's excellent plugin actually syncs ZF comments back down to LR, but they are neither searchable, nor 'selectable' at all in LR.

I realize this is a complicated desire accross three different companies and services, but if anyone has any ideas/solutions for solving this or similar problems, I'd really appreciate hearing about it...

Thanks in advance,



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