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Apologies for the repost, but I should have asked this as a question rather than a discussion initially. Moderator: please feel free to delete the discussion post.

In the main Zenfolio web UI, you can create annotated comments (messages) that contain highlighted areas or cropping suggestions. In touch-oriented native-experience clients, it would be useful to be able to create comments with this additional metadata. As near as I can tell, that is not currently supported in the API, correct?

Any chance we can get that on the api wish-list? It is a fairly essential feature for allowing clients to communicate with photographers from within a native mobile experience, and we can't bake that feature in without the api support.

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  • Thanks Brian. If you can offer this, we can develop a much richer mobile app for client proofing, which of course makes Zenfolio that much more attractive for pros. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help make the case, or test, or whatever.
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