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Are the Google fonts available for use on the Custom pages I create? They don't show up in the drop down menu and I'd like to have font consistency throughout my site. Thanks!


  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    Google fonts are not available in the Custom Page editor, but if you leave the font/size settings to the default (paste in as plain text if you're copy/pasting), the text on the page will follow whatever font is chosen for the the page Theme. So if you choose one of the Google fonts in the Theme, the text will use that font.

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  • SJH_PhotographySJH_Photography Member Posts: 2
    I also have this problem. Only my home page is showing the google fonts? How do i know what the font/size settings were as standard to be able to change all the other text on my custom pages so that they then display the google font i want?? Confused :(
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    To apply Google fonts to text in custom pages, remove the formatting from the text.

    That can be done by highlighting the text, then using the Clear Formatting tool.

    It looks like this:


    You can then choose the desired formatting for the text so that the corresponding font, chosen in the theme, will be applied to the text.

    See this link for more details on applying formatting to text in custom pages.

    This guide covers how to choose Google fonts in the custom themes.
  • SJH_PhotographySJH_Photography Member Posts: 2
    Thanks very much!!!!! Great! .... will give it a try now! :-)
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