trouble on uploading video file

Hi folks,
I have something to ask. I'm using premium. I've just created mpeg video file, size is around 1.5 Gb. It is set 1080. 
But when upload it thorough the file manager, it stuck. I don't have any clue how come.
I remake this sized 720. The file size was less than before. But the same thing happens.
Does this happen because I'm from abroad?
Does anyone know what happened.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


  • saklotzsaklotz Member Posts: 23
    You may need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Internet service if you are in China. I have heard that services like DropBox have been blocked in the past and perhaps Zenfolio is also being blocked. If you are in China and you discover a solution to your problem, please share with the Forum members. I am planning a trip to central China in March and will need to upload both video and stills.
  • 濱田写真館濱田写真館 Member Posts: 29
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    But I'm living in Japan. And support gave me a solution.

    Thanks again.
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