Blog, Access code for client proofing & no slideshow

Hi I am confused about a couple of things. I am trying to figure out how to add a blog to my zenfolio. I am also trying to figure out how to add a page when my clients go to client access they don't see all of the galleries of all the shoots that I have photographed. I would like to figure out how to add a page were they can type in a access code and be directed to their photo session only. And last of all instead of a slideshow I just want to have a image on the cover.
Thanks Manny


  • Stroodle88Stroodle88 White Salmon, WAMember Posts: 90
    We'll tackle this one issue at a time.

    Re: blog.
    In your Help center/edit area, on the left-hand side, you'll see the Organizer. Underneath in the Organizer, you should see the tabs, Photographs, Communications, Website Pages. Click on Website Pages. Then select the blog entry. You should be able to figure it out from there to create your blog. If not, let me know.

    Re: access code
    This one's a little trickier, but can be done.
    (1) In the Organizer --> Photographs, select it.
    (2) Create a new group.
    (3) With the newly created group selected, on the bottom right side of the screen, in your Toolbox, you want to make sure that this is set to "Private - Open to Owner".
    (4) Create a new gallery inside this group (this gallery will contain all of the photos from your photo session).
    (5) Select the newly created Gallery this time, and in the right hand side, in the Toolbox again, create a friendly name. This will be what you tell your clients to enter when they click on the Clients Access link on your homepage or wherever you keep that.

    Re: still image
    Pretty easy to do.
    (1) Go to customize your homepage. There's a goldenrod/yellow bar running across the top of your screen.
    (2) Select Spotlight Content.
    (3) On the first dropdown tab, 'Select Content', go ahead and select whatever still image you want to use.

    Hope that helps.
    Bertrand Hui
    Bertrand Hui - Lifestyle Photographer
    Based in the Columbia River Gorge, Pacific Northwest
  • reneevreneev Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for your feedback! :)

    I think I may have confused you with my question. I have a Jotform that I need on my page, its a Contract but what I was hoping is that I could add it and put a Password Access on it, so I can direct clients to it with a password for them to open, view and then fill out and submit it. I'm not sure this can be done as it's not photographs.

    I would like it set up like the Client Access Page.
  • Callista FayeCallista Faye Member Posts: 1
    Stroodle88, I tried following your directions for creating the "access code" page for galleries.

    In my main menu I have a "Client Access" button that is linked to the Private "Clients" group. However because the group is set to private, the "Client Access" button does NOT show up in the menu when viewing my website publicly. ( When I changed the privacy of the Client group to Locked, the link reappears but then you have to enter one password to see the client galleries and then another password to access a specific gallery...
    I want the Client Access > enter password > takes direct to their gallery.

    What did I miss?
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