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PieroPiero Bergamo, ItalyMember Posts: 8
How do you manage to copy all the metadata from an uploaded photo to its collection/group or Gallery?
and as well, how do you copy all metadata from a photo to another one?
This is for all those pictures uploaded without metadata (for various reasons)
So far I can do it all only manually but it's time consuming.
Thank you


  • Stroodle88Stroodle88 White Salmon, WAMember Posts: 90
    I haven't actually tried it yet, but in the Edit view of a given gallery, on the right-hand side in the description toolbox, I do see a link that says 'bulk update metadata'. Seems like that would be what you're looking for in your first scenario above. As far as how to copy metadata from one photo to another... I honestly think the easiest way would be to download all of the photos from a given gallery into a program like Lightroom. Lightroom will also easily allow you to bulk edit metadata across images you have. that's a very quick process. Once they're all tagged with the metadata you want, you can re-upload to the Zenfolio gallery.

    It's obviously not completely ideal, but it is definitely the easiest workaround.
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