Recent changes?

zensync is causing duplicates when uploading (have 2 reports, can't confirm - I'm away at the moment)

Where can I find out about service or API changes? Has the catalog format been altered? I'm about to create a .net version of zensync so it's more usable on Windows but don't have enough hooked up yet to parse the catalog in visual studio yet.

Any pointers appreciated!


  • alexfalexf Administrator Posts: 1,174
    Generally we freeze API versions once they are made available and you code your application against a specific API version. There should be no observable changes for your application even when newer API versions are released.

    You can see the history of API releases here:

    For the specific duplicates problem, please get in touch with support, we will do our best to figure out what's happening.
    -- AF [Zenfolio]
  • plymptonplympton Member Posts: 13
    I could see the 64 bit object identifiers throwing this off. I'll check it out when I have access next week again. Thanks!
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