guestbook entries visible to visitors?

I have tried several times to make the guestbook entries visible to all who go there, but if I log out and go to the guestbook it says "empty", I can leave a comment but it says the guestbook has no entries. Maybe it should be called guess book?

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  • Rod GerstRod Gerst Member Posts: 9
    Thank you, I think I have it.
  • I know this is an old topic, but I cannot find any way to allow my guestbook entries to be made public at all. What is the purpose of having the guestbook if no one sees it? What is the purpose of keeping it private? I can understand screening entries before they are made public, but this isn't even an option that I can find.... my guests that were kind enough to leave comments said there was no option to make their entry public - that private was the only setting available. Is there something I am missing? It's kind of embarrassing...I've had several complaints from clients who have tried to leave nice messages....
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