Tagging, Searching, and Favorites

I think it would be great if you could search something in the My Zenfolio view. I would like to be able to search my own photographs by file names, tags, caption, comment, ect. from the My Zenfolio view. It would be extremely useful. When shooting a sporting event I can have a very large number of photos and if I have to go back to find one it can be a pain.

Also, when you search from the my homepage view for a images that are tagged it would be nice to
be able to add those photos for purchase or to be able to add them to favorites, ect. For example if I have photos tagged "John" and my costumers search "John" currently to purchase them or to add them to favorites they have to click on every single photo individually to do so. Being able to select multiple or all the photos directly from the Search page of images and add them to be purchased or to add them to favorites would save a great deal of time especially when creating a photo book. My customers are getting frustrated by how cumbersome and tedious the process for creating photo books is. Autofills indecisiveness on when it wants to work has been very close to losing me some sales.

If I shoot a thousand pictures plus of a sporting event over a weekend and create albums by games is there a better way then tagging that allows parents to quickly find the photos of their child where they are able to add them directly to favorites or for purchase?

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