Newbie needs help with photo sizes

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Hi, I thought it was about time I tried putting my photos onto a website. I have uploaded some photos to my page, some portrait style and some landscape style BUT the photos are way too big to show on the page. How do you reduce the size of photos to make them fit so that the viewer can see all the photo and not just an enlarged part? thanks
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  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    Go to your photos page. Go to the root directory "All Photographs" and click on the Group Access link on the right hand column. Go to Protection and then change the largest allowable size. I use X-Large size and it works pretty well including the file number displayed below the image. If it's still to big, use the Large size.

    If the galleries are set to inherit then your changes will be inherited through the root directory. If you have customized each gallery then they most likely will not inherit your new display size. In that case you will need to make changes to each gallery you have created. Any new group or gallery should inherit without any issues.
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