Photo Moments very slow to load images

PhotoVivaPhotoViva SurreyMember Posts: 12
I attended the Webinar last night, and then had a go at loading a gallery into Photo Moments and sending it to myself. In general all went smoothly, it was certainly useful to have seen the Webinar so I knew the settings to configure in Zenfolio. (It is recorded so people can still play it back).

However the main issue I am having is the manner and speed of image download . My gallery has 220 images and I allow XX large. I am on a very fast 150mbps cable based internet connection, and my phone is connected via 5Ghz wifi to this connection, normally downloads on my phone are lightning fast. I played about with the gallery on Photo Moments for about 20 minutes last night, and at the end I still had less than a quarter of the thumbnails downloaded, and even when the thumb was down when you view the image full screen it then has to download this which takes another 10-15 sec per image. There seems to be no way to force the app to download everything until you have attempted to look at it. I started looking at it again this morning, and after another 20 minutes I still have less than half of the thumbs and I have given up going through each of 220 images waiting 10 seconds for each to load. I am going to see a client this morning and was going to show them the app, but this just isn't practical I don't have another hour or so it would take to manually pre-cache each thumb and main image.

Is there something wrong, or is it just asking too much of the app to display 220 images? Has anyone else noticed this issue?

On a side note, probably related, I do generally find the download of images from Zenfolio website (i.e. my website) sluggish, often waiting staring at the animated round and round circle, I do worry it puts people off browsing my images.


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