Can I have a dynamic collection?

I want to have a collection of favorites on my main page. I've done that by creating a collection that sits next to two groups of galleries. But when you enter one gallery throug a group there is the gallery of favorites that I pulled photos from to add the the main page favorites collection.
If I add a photo in the actual favorites gallery, do i have to also add it to the collection as well? I saw someone complain that years ago this couldn't be done. Has Zenfolio addressed this yet, or is there a work around? Thanks,


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 552
    Unfortunately, the collections do not automatically update based on photos that have been added to a Favorites list. You'll need to manually add the photos to the collection.
  • BobbpixBobbpix Member Posts: 10
    Wow. That's pretty bad and not really workable to have to add photos manually each time to the collection. Are there workarounds? Can i have a gallery appear in two places so that each time I add a photo to a gallery it will appear say, in two different groups?
  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Unfortunately, there aren't any workarounds for this currently. They'll need to manually be added to the Collection.
  • MattrbaileyMattrbailey Member Posts: 1

    I've just started using Zenfoilo after looking at it about 2 years ago. Back then there wasn't a UK printer. I have been using Smug Mug for the last 2 years, but now PhotoBox has teamed up with Zenfoilo I thought I'd have another look.

    I agree that a dynamic collection or gallery seems very shorted sighted. the code needed isn't complicated and already exists in the search feature. Which brings me onto my work around.

    I will be using the site for both selling photos (Hopefully!) and giving family access to photos. So my work around is actually to use the search feature to find the photos i'm after and then simply create a hyper link to the search from text/picture on a custom page.

    step two, I will;
    inspect the source and add that as the custom page, removing the search bar.
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