keywords not showing in source code

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edited October 2015 in Marketing with Zenfolio
Hi there,

I've been using zenfolio for over 3 years now and still having awful results in terms of SEO, which is a shame as most of the rest of the service is great...

I noticed (not the first time i do) that keywords are not showing in the head section of source code for images and galleries (although they exist in my galleries and photos zenfolio admin !)

Any reason to that ?

I even found out that due to the way photos are displayed (very fast, ajax kind of coding), the title and description of a single photo is NEVER used in the source code of the page, but only the title and description of the GALLERY are !

I suppose it depends on the way the galleries are displayed (many arrangement and options twicking is possible) so i hope there is a way to make every single photo actually use it's own title, description and keywords for SEO purpose

If not, this might explain why zen is so SEO unefficient and many people complaining about it / droping it...


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