Looking for feedback... tell me what you like best!

CindyCindy Member Posts: 1
I'm looking for some general feedback. I am not very experienced with post editing and want to know what I can do better with. Thank you in advance!



  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    Cindy - I think your images are very nice. Great exposure, color, and clarity. What's missing is great composition. By that, the final crop you place on your images. Google topics like cropping techniques, rule of thirds, etc.

    I think if you spend time studying how your images are composed both in camera and in post production you will take your work from great photos to great art. Other things you may want to study is "bracketing techniques". Many landscape photographers use this as a way of pulling out overall details of their images that could be lost in the shadows and highlights (even when shooting RAW).

    Hope that helps.
  • Hello Cindy,

    Just a quick comment. I really liked numbers 3,9 and 17 as you were using the lighting to its best advantage. The others all seemed underexposed, likely due to either shooting into the sun or not exposing for the light that was available in the more overcast conditions. This is not something you need to worry about in post; for now try to keep the sun over your shoulders and use some exposure compensation to let in a bit more light on overcast days. The suggestion to bracket (using a tripod) is also a very useful method.


  • aperature4aperature4 Member Posts: 19
    Beautiful work. I recommend adding captions in Edit View and making sure you show them in the Page Options in Customize Visitor View. This will help the visitor to know what they are looking at and also helps with SEO.
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