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I would like my site to have a clean look, so I created logos with the background color matching the background color of my site's template. On my home page and on all regular gallery pages, the logo is added as a header item. On two special gallery pages I have, the logo is added as a banner.

On the home page and the regular gallery pages the logo is presented correctly but there is a thin while line that runs between the logo image and the main page. I have the vertical padding set for zero. I've tried changing the setting for the vertical height of the logo and changing the actual height of the logo image itself. None of this eliminates the line.

On the two pages with banners for their header, the logo is presented without the thin white line, which is how I would like all the pages to appear.

How do I eliminate the thin line on the home page and standard gallery pages? www.anythingbutawedding.com


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    The Header background is actually set independently of your page background. It looks like the header background is white, and due to the sizing of your logo, it looks like the white is coming through as that thin white line.

    You can change the Header background by being in your Edit View's Dashboard and going to:
    - My Zenfolio > Customize Visitor View
    - Select Theme
    - Select Edit theme
    - Select the "Style" tab
    - For your selected element, choose "Page Header"
    - Under Background > Color, choose the one that will match the page background
    - Once done, click "Save", then "Done" in the top right, and don't forget to "Publish" your changes when you're happy with them.

    This should fix the thin, white line you see.
  • Nitish RanaNitish Rana Member Posts: 1
    Excellent guide, used this technique to customize my website.
  • Thanks for the clear instructions. This worked for me also.
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