Starter Plan with a paid add-on: Favorites

I have the starter plan. I chose this plan because I - being from Romania - do
not use the other features (like selling images - clients pay for the session,
not the final images - and other products, simply because there is no lab in
my country connected to Zenfolio; we have only small print labs).
However, I noticed that choosing Favorites is available only at the next
plan. My request is this: can't I buy this feature as a standalone add-on? Because I really do not use
the other features (the system runs differently here than in US). I want to be able to let clients choose their favorite images for the albums I design right from Zenfolio.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to add specific features from higher plans to a lower one. The only way to access the desired features is by signing up for the higher plan.

    The plans' pricing has been set up to provide the best value for the higher plans and unfortunately, allowing a lower plan to purchase specific features from a higher would degrade that value.

    But we are always looking to improve our services and so if having this option is important to you, I recommend posting a request for it in our user voice forum.

    That way, other Zenfolio users can vote on your idea and help bring your request to our developers' attention.
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