DOWNLOAD Images... HAVING SELECTIVE WATERMARK (different than page/gallery) added UPON DOWNLOAD

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So, I have a watermark on my galleries, which helps notify users that my work is copyrighted and FOR SALE... cool.

Now, as a photographer, I want to make MY LIFE as easy as possible, and I've found that having my copyright/watermark at the bottom right of the images works most of the time; HOWEVER, there are times people wish to crop or change the image, to where a portion of my watermark (on the uploaded image) is cropped funky.

So, my suggestion, allow the photographer to upload WITHOUT ANY WATERMARK... and, when the end-user chooses to purchase images (from the 'watermarked' gallery (as set in the gallery watermarks overlaying the images)... the photographer CAN CHOOSE WHICH AND WHERE their watermark will appear on downloaded, and printed, images purchased... as photographs are ordered.

So, for example, a 'personal use' download might have the photographers name/logo watermarked in the lower right... but a 'commercial use' (which is priced multiples more) might not have any watermark on the image at all (solely at the photographers discretion).

A 4x6 or 8x10 might have one watermark, but a 20x30 or large canvas might have none or a completely different one. SET BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER... determined by the photographer...

And their could realistically even be another setting option PER IMAGE, $xx.00 for the image with the watermark, and $xxx.00 for the same image without the watermark; which only commercial clients would likely select... but, it's a very real and potential passive upgrade to the sale.

Having this 'upon use' option for different watermarks could be pretty easy to set up, though it could take a bit of time in planning. It could be per product... type & size... as well as assorted other factors, that could also be taken into consideration... such as a 'coupon code' that turns off/on the watermarks for all prints or all downloads for THAT specific ORDER.


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    @Terry Mercer - You are asking the development team to create a feature that's almost impossible to create and would most likely not be used by anyone other than yourself.

    My suggestion is this:

    1. Turn OFF automatic fulfillment of downloads and prints in your price sheets.
    2. Upload unmarked images.
    3. Apply the watermark to the gallery (galleries). Place it where clients can't clip it out.
    4. Based on the clients order, the photographer can upload an image (with watermark of their choice), to fill the clients order. (marked in lower left or lower right etc.)

    You said, "Now, as a photographer, I want to make MY LIFE as easy as possible". I've been a full-time professional photographer of over 10 years and I can't remember a single day where my life was easy. Running a successful business requires a lot of hard work day-in and day-out.

    In my ten years I've had many people help me and, in turn, I have helped many others (some of them Zen Photographers) with business processes and workflows. Many photographers have an overwhelming tendency to develop business processes, procedures, and workflows within the confines of the four corners of their world (their offices). One of the best pieces of advice that a mentor of mine gave me before I started my business was this. "With everything you do, ask yourself why you do it." This was followed by, "Resist the temptation to reinvent the wheel."

    In a nutshell, we (the Photographer), can be our own worst enemy at times when it comes to the "Business" side of photography by building layers and layers of customized processes that serve one purpose .... waste your time. Terry, I'm one of those photographers. Simplifying my own processes and trying not to reinvent things that have already been invented (and work flawlessly) is part of my daily ritual.
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    It's a feature that probably only EVENT photographers would use, not just me... but any photographer that allows schools or venues, sponsors, or any of their staff, to access uploaded images.

    YES... it IS POSSIBLE... and already done on a couple other hosting sites to a degree.

    The photographer it benefits the most is the one that shoots CELEBRITIES - and some of the crowd, and distinguishes between 'personal use' and 'commercial use' with the same images. Personal use gets watermark 'x' - and commercial use gets either no watermark or 'y' (a different one).

    Frankly, in reality, it's NOT all that difficult in the coding, and far less complicated than cropping... as the original image is already there (on the zen system).

    The average 'portrait' photographer, wedding photog, or non-commercial use photographer would never probably use the feature. However, there are sites that DO ALLOW different watermarking options on downloads, depending on the 'product' the end-user chooses to purchase. It would be a good & easy add for Zen... especially for the PRO Business Accounts.

    I don't see it as 'reinventing the wheel' - but polishing the whitewalls, or enhancing the rims... a feature that would help all photographers that sell their images in different fashions (not just to the wedding party, their family & friends... which may never use that type of feature, except maybe on the one huge canvas, where the client might be willing to pay a bit more to drop the photogs watermark off).
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    Tom - I'm an event photographer (Sports - High School, College, and Professional Sports) and sell personal use licenses and prints on-line. Commercial use and editorial use I sell direct.

    Hopefully the workflow I gave you will help you "work-a-round". As may have noticed there many higher level priorities in front of the development team (infrastructure upgrade) and some very basic e-commerce features that have been long over-due for development and implementation.

    I'm pretty familiar with Photoshelter, SmugMug Pro, Exposure Manager, and PhotoBucket. Also familiar with Pictage but they closed their doors on August 24, 2015. Can't recall the feature as you have described it being with any of these services. Can you tell me which hosting service has this feature?
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    Hello again Kevin,

    Another thing... in addition to the 'different watermark options' - just imagine being able to automatically 'release' images for 'personal use' (to the athletes & their family) - but having a 'hold' on 'commercial & editorial use' image downloads (rather than 'prohibiting' any and all commercial downloads from the site... as you are currently doing). Maybe that wouldn't save you any time... or would create some other issue, depending on the school or the athlete?!?! I believe it COULD make my life slightly better & easier... with the potential to automate some galleries, depending on the release/contract or shoot. Anyhow, something else to think about & consider.

    SmugMug Pro was very close, and somewhat automated, allowing an automatic or manual 'replace image' feature that could be linked... if the client ordered one thing you didn't replace it, if they ordered the other, you replaced it (accordingly) - invisible process to the client.

    I've not used Photoshelter or Exposure Manager... and know that PhotoBucket, and the other 'hobbyist' sites, don't allow sales options, so never bothered looking any further into them.

    I've not used it, so I'm not sure if it is manual or automated, but a few photog friends have options 'with' and 'without' text/watermark option available on their PhotoReflect stores. The one thing I don't like about it is that it seems to not allow 'galleries' - but is DATE specific (but does allow keyword searching). So I don't think it would fit my needs at this time, but the price is amazing (unlimited pro account $10 a month). Oh, the other potentially strange thing with them, proprietary (free) upload software... that is local to your machine, and kinda acts like a 'pre-loader' for site organization and such. I believe Lightroom can work, but honestly not sure.

    But the reality is, I have nearly 100k images on my Zen page from the last 4 years... and adding a pre-designed watermark (or not) based on a 'product type' - for downloadable images - at the time of the order processing, should be more simple than 'resizing' or cropping, or adding the 'gallery wide' watermark option that currently exists. So I don't see why it should be much of an issue... and I'm 99% sure I'm not the only person that would benefit from an option and feature like that.

    I shot sports action for some of the highschool's & college's on the west coast for a few years, a whole lot of profitable work (usually fun, except during freezing rain, snow, and the overzealous 'perfect player parent'). I shoot mostly basketball & track, a pile of equine events, some football, and a little of this & that. No wrestling, tennis, volley ball, or golf. The sports action stuff was good money... and I enjoyed it. I had nearly a million images on SmugMug spanning about a decade... but I dropped SmugMug about three years ago when they more than doubled the cost. So, I double checked my archive on my raid, and shut them down. I haven't pushed to shoot for any of the schools or newspapers out here, the former either has contracts in place or wants paid... and the latter doesn't pay stringers or freelancers enough to fire up my truck. (the little league stuff was shot for a friends son's team)

    After moving to Tennessee, I got roped into shooting music concerts these last 4 years, and the contests for one of the local venues. It is absolutely warmer, dryer, and more entertaining than the sports action stuff... but it's in a world all of it's own. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out the sales part of things... trying to cater to the attendees, the venue, the little artist, the big artists, and their management group/label... each with different 'rules' and expectations (and values). Some even attempting to 'control' my copyright, which I refuse to agree to without $$$$ upfront.

    The artists I've shot generally are all over the place, from trying-to-bes, to made it's (with current hits), has beens, and still-ares... each with different motivations and expectations regarding photography (and video). There are the venues that pay, and those that won't. There are the labels that have their own issues, rules, and hoops. It's quite interesting & challenging (business wise) at times. It's absolutely a different world than the sports actions stuff.

    You have some very very nice sports action stuff... quite an impressive portfolio, many SI quality shots! I like the way you have your site laid out, it's clean and easy to navigate. I assume you either are paying the school for exclusive shoot contract, or you're 100% freelance, based on the prices you have listed... some are close to what I was charging on my Smug account for Sports Action... but it would be tough to get that print cost in the music scene here, particularly from the band/artists (which is usually my main focus, for their commercial use). For most of the band shoots I get a 'shoot fee' for... but generally it's the 'commercial downloads,' and personal downloads of Meet & Greet Images (and photos for fans) that seem to get the most attention at this time (for me).

    Anyhow... maybe others will see a purpose for this feature... or not. The way most changes with the Zen site seem to take, it might be another 3 to 10 years before a feature like this is considered. Bottom line, it would have some potential, benefit, and could generate both the photogs & zen some extra money.
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    Thanks for the time to provide some more details.

    "SmugMug Pro was very close, and somewhat automated, allowing an automatic or manual 'replace image' feature that could be linked... if the client ordered one thing you didn't replace it, if they ordered the other, you replaced it (accordingly) - invisible process to the client."

    Not trying to beat a dead horse but here are a few more of my thoughts.

    1. Photoshelter, to the best of my knowledge, is the only hosting service that has a use rights management system for commercial and editorial use.
    2. Use rights considers many various factors beyond just editorial and commercial. For editorial, its based on the circulation of the paper, size of the image, placement, and the number of times it will be used. Also considered is if the publication wants to use it on their web site or electronic version of their publication. Commercial use is dependent on how the image will be used ... advertising or producing something that will be sold for profit. It's also dependent on the number of times it will be used and how long it will be used.
    3. Personal use is pretty easy to define. Personal use means you can't use if for commercial or editorial purposes. Everything else is fair game.
    4. Zenfolio, and many other hosting services, do not have the ability to manage the complexities of editorial or commercial licensing. That's why I don't sell them on my site.

    For example, last year I had an image of an athlete that 3 newspapers wanted to use. One Chicago newspaper and two downstate newspapers. I also had a university that wanted to use it for a preview magazine for incoming freshman. None of them paid the same price for use of that image and two of them required a release form from the athlete which I provided (at an additional cost).

    I know handling Editorial and Commercial licenses this way is far from "Easy" but it's been the standard "the wheel" for decades (even back to the film days). Adhering to the standard will also allow you to make a lot more money as you will be appropriately compensated for your work (your images) based on the specific use. Even in smaller price sensitive markets, I know many photographers that adhere to these principals. While their local newspaper may have a circulation of less than 10,000, they certainly don't charge the same rate for a 1/16th page image and a 1/2 page image and toss in web use for free.

    Finally, I don't monitor my personal use licenses very close unless they appear on a editorial or commercial website that is not owned by the person licensing the images. I do, however, monitor editorial and commercial use licenses very closely and have an attorney on retainer ready to jump at the slightest hint of a copyright infringement. In 10 years, he has recovered thousands of dollars on my behalf.

    Of course, none of this is relevant if you are on a contract for hire assignment as you are being paid for your time, delivery, and open use of the images (included in your fee) that you produced and/or processed.

  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    Interesting... and quite informative. Question, so since you have & use a PhotoShelter account, because it's so incredible on the 'Rights Managed' stuff... why bother with a Zen or Smug account?

    I work with a media company, that deals with the 'Rights Management' stuff, when I have images of celebrities. However, that's not been nearly as profitable as I'd hoped (or planned). With only a few of the celebs really having much 'popularity' (I'm thinking they don't market much of the country-western type stuff, but Celtic Women images were quite popular). Clearly, I need a better option & solution for the Rights Managed stuff...

    And I agree... I don't mess with 'policing' the personal use stuff either. My primary goal is EPK's (Electronic Press Kits), CD & EP covers, tear sheets (autograph photos handed out at Meet & Greets), and posters.

    99% of the music related shoots I do are NOT 'work for hire' - but 'freelance' or otherwise leaving the copyrights with me, with some low res (web ready) images going to the venue (and artist) for non-exclusive web only, not print and non-merchandising use. The latter two, and the labels use, costs extra & more... and any editorial use is associated with a cost.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    "Question, so since you have & use a PhotoShelter account, because it's so incredible on the 'Rights Managed' stuff... why bother with a Zen or Smug account?"

    1. Because that's an area of my business that I don't need help with; and 2. They don't have a very good on-line hosting service for selling prints and other retail products.

    If, however, retail sales are not your bag and all you want is a great portfolio site with the ability to license images for editorial and commercial use then it's a great solution. That's were most of the BIG BOYs and BIG Girls are and none of them have a retail market to serve.
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    Cool... thanks for the response.

    I've looked into PhotoShelter a few times... but honestly didn't see the justification for the cost difference (over Smug or Zen)... curious if they are actually 'doing' the RIGHTS MANAGEMENT... or just allowing different licenses for such. I don't see 'actual tracking' ability there (for the licenses, only the ability to have 'sub-pricing' based on 'claimed use' (which still has to be policed by the photographer)...

    Other than having the commercial image sales with multiple choice pop-downs for projected use, with the 'contact me' if you're wanting something other than what is listed here... how is it all that much better than Smug or Zen, and just having multiple Download items (based on size, or type of distribution, or quality)???
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    Terry - I think I'm going to leave it with Zen is for my retail sales. Everything else I do direct.
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    BTW - the TEMPLATE DESIGN option exists, just not for SELF-FULFILLMENT Products or Digital Downloads... which it should, and would (I believe) allow me to totally solve the problem & challenge in two steps: a) create the template, and b) add that template to the price list. So, Zen has the 'core work' already done... if only they would enable it for the PRO accounts for Self-Fulfillment & digital downloads.

    Then, the photog could very easily create a variety of 'pre-designed' templates to apply at different price points, for different purposes.

    For example a corporate sponsored event could be 'free downloads' (at a certain size) with the corporate logo ON THE IMAGE... but would cost more to print or download (or get printed) without the corporate logo.

    Different 'template' options would allow for 'different sponsors' to participate...

    I understand how think might be senseless for any non-event photographers, and even some 'school oriented' (or NCAA regulated team sports). But consider the number of photographers that shoot events that have MULTIPLE sponsors, massive individuals, and many different options. Example: I shoot the Cole Swindell concert a couple nights ago. His 'tour' is sponsored by MONSTER (the energy drink), but his label was involved, the venue, primary radio station, a boot reseller, and a couple beverage companies were each and all involved. If I could have EASILY offered each of those vendors a faster & easier way for them to give away the Meet & Greet images WITH THEIR LOGO ON IT (which I have to manually do now)... I could make the time cost less, the production easier, the end-user happier, and make more money (myself) by offering additional options that don't require a huge increase of MY TIME in post. And the end-user could potentially move the logo where ever they wanted on the image, but IT WOULD HAVE TO STAY ON THE IMAGE (whether download or print).

    Further, consider for a moment, having a template that was pre-designed & priced to sell for INSTANT DOWNLOADS for facebook profile, cover, or post pictures... the end-user gets to move the 'original' around within the crop area, but the size & dpi is predetermined by the template... and the writing (or logos) are pre-defined by the photographer... they can only be moved, but must remain IN THE TEMPLATE at the size the photographer defined in the template?!?!?! Whether they are sold for cents, or dollars, as defined by the photog, everyone benefits... and it's potentially another sellable product (especially for those computer illiterate folks that don't know how to resize images).
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22

    There is NO VALID REASON this feature shouldn't exist for PRO accounts wanting to add template ability to their self-fulfillment & downloadable images.
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    Terry - Again, I not trying to beat a dead horse. Just trying to give you some advice that might help you understand and then achieve your goals. I'm also trying to be straight forward and honest with you. Not trying to "win an argument" or agreeing with you and then giving you a false since of hope that you idea has traction with the developers.

    There most certainly are valid reasons why the feature you want most likely won't be considered. At the top of the list would be:

    1. The feature is very specific to your needs and not the entire community which is made up mostly of studio portrait photographers that don't do the type of work you do. Features that don't benefit the majority of Zenfolio photographers are rarely considered.

    2. From a programming standpoint, self-fulfilled items and downloads are handled much differently than prints through a dedicated lab partner. While I don't know the specific code or the logistics, its very clear that there are different protocols and processes for handling SF items and Digital Products. It's my understanding that the template feature was built around Zen's lab partner business exclusively.

    3. The watermark feature in the Zenfolio system is simply a "mask" that appears only on images viewed on-line. It never becomes a permanent part of the image you upload. Therefore, even if you created multiple marks that you could use based on images that were ordered, the watermark could never be applied to the final product that your client orders. It's just not how the watermark system works at Zenfolio or any other hosting service that I am aware of.

    Finally, please refer to my very first response to your post. I think it offers some sound advice as to how you can achieve what you want to accomplish. If not, it's at least a starting point.

    BTW.... please note that I am the only person who has taken time out of their business day to try to help you. Nobody from support has jumped in and no other photographers have offered their advice. It's just Terry and Kevin exchanging thoughts at this point. Had I not believed that my comments could help you, I'd be on the sidelines with everyone else.
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    Thanks for your response @kevinkrows - much appreciated... and while you might be correct, I disagree.

    1) - I can't believe that I'm the only one that would want to offer the same product with different watermarks, as I know a few other photogs that already manually do this... with great success, and often at different prices... depending on what their client wants. They just manually output the image three (or four) different ways in lightroom, and upload each accordingly. Maybe you know who & what type of photography the 'majority' of zen business & pro users are, I don't... and won't assume or hint that I do. But, even if you're correct, and say a portrait photog is the norm (majority)... imagine having an 8x10 image with their normal 'name' watermark at one price, their 'logo' at another price, and no watermark at all at a much higher price. Surely, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to quickly see the income potential from adding 2 or 3 watermark options for 'normal' photographers. And, for event photogs, having one watermark with THEIR TEAM LOGO as an option (where the team authorizes such use) could easily be another money making potential... and having 'sponsored' images at one price, and non-sponsor logo'ed/mentioned images at another (higher) price could also be an interesting marketing/sales tactic... and some sponsors would be willing to 'pick up' the difference knowing their logo was ON FAN PHOTOS.

    2) - the process (with vendors) already allows 'custom templates' - that 'template' option should exist for the self-fullfillment products ALSO! Especially for the pro accounts. NOTE: The ability for the pro accounts to specify CUSTOM down load options (specific dimensions & longest dimensions) NOW EXISTS in the download options... which means Facebook Cover & Profile image crops are NOW POSSIBLE! (just added recently)... when you go to products, add or edit digital products. So, it appears that SOMEONE IS LISTENING. (THANK YOU ZEN... it is a much needed option, that I hope we can all make a pile of money off of); now, please add custom template options for PRO ACCOUNTS for self-fulfillment print products.

    3) - I understand it isn't 'how it works' RIGHT NOW... really, I do... but I'm 100% sure that IT IS POSSIBLE, and frankly not that difficult, and would absolutely help separate Zenfolio from the other 'photo store' competitors out there. It's an overlay, no more, no less... and an option the photog should be able to 'turn on' or off, and specify placement, as with the existing watermarks... just IF a watermark is printed WITH the image (or not), and which watermark. The output of an overlay with the ordered JPG, especially on digital products, should be very simple, quick, and easy... requiring very little code, as they are already set up for a variety of watermarks in the management of the 'viewables' - so adding a specific watermark to the 'output' options for digital downloads shouldn't be all that difficult; and basically just a 'redirect' for the output (potentially creating a temp file to be included in the zip file, which doesn't leave their system until the end-user has selected the link and chosen to down load the image(s) ordered). They are already creating the zip file, already re-sizing, already adding watermarks on the screen... just managing and redirecting to the output zip file is all that is needed. We can already have multiple watermarks (or none) on individual images within a gallery, so it only makes since that it CAN BE DONE to orders, especially digital downloads.

    Your initial suggestion for turning off the 'auto downloading' and manually uploading the ones with the watermark (writing or logo I want, based on what the client wants to order) can work... and is better than nothing... but it's manual, and could be automated... COULD BE done pretty easily within the existing system. Your suggestion is a good 'work around' - and that is what I do with the 'green screen' back ground orders. I upload the people either 'with' the green screen, or as a PNG with a transparent background, they select which background they want, and I manually place their image on the background they choose. It is time intensive, especially weeks later, after I've dropped their images from my local computer to my archival system. But your concept is better than nothing. I just believe Zen CAN DO BETTER, and that more photogs could benefit from having this option than you seem to think.

    Thank you for taking the time to exchange thoughts & ideas... and hopefully the Zen folks are watching & listening. While I'm trying (hoping) to make some things better for me, and my business, I'm also attempting to help them improve, increase, and shine above the other options out there... and generally only suggest options I honestly believe COULD HELP THEM (and other photogs) also.

    I do appreciate your feedback, and suggestions... I'm just not so ready to accept 'because it doesn't have it' as an option. And believe that if enough people understand HOW IT COULD HELP THEM, and HOW they might get some SPONSORS INVOLVED in their photography, it could really be a huge win for the photogs & zenfolio... as well as some sponsors & clients (able to save some money because the sponsors were picking up part of the expense).

    Just think... you shoot an event freelance, on the gamble you'll sell images (downloads or prints). You have one option, Everyone that gets the image with the event sponsors logo gets it for free (with the sponsor picking up the tab, in a deal you've arranged with them). or with your name/logo on it for a tad more... or without any watermark for a lot more. Options... some will pay more for the image without the watermark, and some 'fans' especially, would love the 'free' (or low cost) sponsored logo'ed images... OPTIONS... BUSINESS WISE OPTIONS... which could help any event photographer that learns to 'pick up' sponsors... thereby potentially making more money after the fact.

    Just some thoughts & suggestions...

    Imagine, a Bridal Shop sponsoring a wedding photographer... picking up part of the tab for those images that go out with THEIR LOGO on them... and the clients being willing to spend a bit more for a few of the images with no logos or watermarks. Yes, it can be done manually... but it's also technically feasible to have that option automated, and managed automatically for the PRO ZEN account holders. Consider the possibilities... not the limitations, or the manual work arounds. Think about which businesses you might be able to talk into paying some for images downloaded with THEIR LOGO, or shooting you might otherwise be allowed to do IF a venues logo was on the majority of the images... possibilities, possibilities. That's what I'm trying to point out.

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    Is it possible to allow FREE watermarked images for download and sell full and web res images without watermarks from ONE gallery - im sure it should be possible in 2016 - any help would be appreciates
  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Yes, you can definitely do this.

    Downloading of the watermarked, display sized images is something you can ensure is enabled for your galleries by checking out this link:

    To sell original sized images and web-ready ones, you can create a digital product for each one that can be added to your price list to sell. You can see this link for how to setup a digital product:
  • Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
    StephenZen ~ either my communication sucks, or you didn't understand my point. I have digital product options (love that)... I'm trying to take things to the NEXT logical step, which can really help the photographer, zenfolio, and the client.

    So I'll try explaining things again:

    I want to upload the highest resolution possible, without any watermark (which I do now, usually)... the people that 'view' the gallery sees the watermark I select for that gallery/image (as it happens now, already).

    However, I'd like to have ONE GALLERY... that offers some AUTOMATIC TEXT OPTIONS UPON DOWNLOAD by the client, to the current image they select.

    The first three options allow the user/buyer to actually 'move' (not edit) the watermark's location within the crop area, the last option allows them to put their words on the selected image.

    a) Download HxW size, without any watermark $a.00
    b) Download HxW size, with SCHOOL/Band name $b.00
    c) Download HxW size, with SPONSOR name $c.00


    d) Download HxW size, with CUSTOM name (user defined) $b.00

    It would allow multiple sales/purchase options (at potentially different price points). save the photog uploading time (as well as creation time for all the photos, with assorted watermark options), plus would ultimately save massive space on Zenfolio's site (by reducing what are essentially duplicates) and the band width for all those duplicate uploads.

    For event photographers, it could allow a reduced price download with the Venue or Sponsors name on the image, for sports photographers - it could have the school/team name as one option, or the player's name as an option, or even some phrase or words of the buyer's choosing. All on & from the same image.

    The first three options would have to be 'set up' (done) by the photographer, like the current watermarking is down. The 'engine' (software) already exists for that, even allowing different watermarks on different images within a gallery. What it doesn't do is 'export' or 'save' (to email) an image with the chosen watermark.

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    @StephenZen was not responding to your messages @Terry Mercer . He was responding to @photographybyed .
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    I agree with wanting something similar to this feature request. I do a variety of types of photography, and would like to allow people to purchase watermarked digital downloads for less than unwatermarked digital downloads as well as selling images in different sizes. It seems to me like it would behoove Zen to allow this so people that upload thousands of images aren't having to upload multiple copies of every event. It would also give an easy enough workflow that more photographers would start using it increasing sales which in turn would increase Zen's take away from each event.

    Also, Kevin. The reason we pay for a service like Zenfolio, is to make our lives easier. Get off your high horse and realize that photography is a HUGE market with literally millions of variables in people's business models. What works for you may not work for me. We have innovators looking for new ways to make money. If Zen wants in on that money, they need to take requests like this seriously, as they could quite easily turn into their most profitable feature add-on.

    The feature isn't impossible, if they can overlay a watermark on an image, they can overlay it on the download. You're just asking the system to pass the overlay through to the download or not based on a check box or different item purchase.
  • A little late to this, but some good discussion, and I think the feature @Terry Mercer requested could be a useful option. Even if for the digital download with watermark, there could be a simple option to specify the watermark used for the gallery display (mine has "proof" in the middle of the image), and a different watermark for the downloaded with watermark image (one that has my logo, but not "proof" in the middle of the image. I no longer offer downloads with watermarks because of this missing feather, after I added the "proof" in the middle to my watermark. I did add the "proof" because I was finding customers were using a screen capture with their smart phone and posting images to social media for free.

    To @Kevin Krows point that it's not of much interest, because no one from Zenfolio has chimed in, does not say to me that it's important. There are very few threads out here that I actually see someone from Zenfolio chime in on.

    Also, their "new features" voting system is sort of a joke, because there are so many ideas out there, that very few people are going to weed through them all. The search function is also not very useful. If you include multiple key words, one would think you would get those threads that include all search terms first, but no. You get a boat load of threads that contains any of the keywords. It took me forever to find an idea I had previously posted using the search function. So, it's difficult to know if a idea is one others are interested in or not via the voting, when it's highly unlikely anyone has actually taken the time to look or even come across the idea you have posted.
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