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Terry MercerTerry Mercer East Tennessee, USAMember Posts: 22
All event photographers know that taking care of THE STAFF AT THE EVENT/VENUE is key to getting better access, better help, and special treatment... outside of the 'usual' and 'normal' limits placed on stranger photographers.

Another thing is that MOST event staffer's aren't making a whole lot of money, and are often under appreciated, even by the photographers which sometimes capture an image (or two) with them...

What I'd like to do is set up a way for those STAFF to get ONE or two WEB READY PERSONAL USE DOWNLOAD IMAGE(s) at no cost, PER GALLERY they choose. Aside from the current issue without being able to limit a coupon to a very specific product, but only broad product types (i.e., Prints and Products, Digital Downloads, Self-fulfilled Products, Packages)... there is also an inability to GIVE AWAY a specific product (download) PER GALLERY (limited to a specific size or type). For example, if I shoot 15 different bands, at 15 different times, and one of the venue staff is at each of those shoots... and is in the Meet & Greet, or otherwise 'in' an image from 2 or more of those concerts... currently, I have to spin the 'web ready Personal Use' image off, size it down, and facebook or email it to EACH STAFF member that requests it.

What I'd rather do, is: have the staff each create a registration/login on my site... allow them to download the 'smallest' web ready image they choose (at a size/type I choose) with my watermark added to it... at no charge, and be able to track it, so I might 'sell' them a print (or larger download size) at a discounted price (or not) of that image in the future.

Currently, I create a coupon for 100% off - digital downloads - of specific galleries - and the screwy way the coupon system is set up, they can choose ANY DOWNLOAD (including 'commercial use' & 'original size')... and if I make the coupon limited to '1' - they are limited to 'just 1' (period). Not one per gallery... or 'folder'

WHEN the (musical) artist allows, I try to get a photo of them with which ever venue security is with them... for that staffer & the venue... it would be great if I could automate allowing them to GET THEIR OWN IMAGE for their facebook page, at a size of my choosing, and limits of 1 or 2 (or something other than 'all or nothing') per different 'folder.' I have set up a 'main title' CONCERTS - with each of the artists broken out in their own galleries, with additional break outs inside there (such as date, if I've shot them more than once)... and Top, Meet & Greet, Other inside that.

So long as I can specify MY WATERMARK GOING ON THE DOWNLOADED IMAGE (when downloaded), and control the size (and type) of download allowed, and the quantity any one person WITH THAT CODE can download from a folder... and block them from using that code if they are fired, quit, or abuse the freebee's... it would sure make my life easier.

When the staff posts my images, with my watermark, the views and interest in the REST OF THE IMAGES by their friends (many of which might have been to the venue) drastically rise. It's quick, easy, and cheap promotion... especially if the images 'given away' are limited to about 500 x 333 in size, which is good for facebook but not much else... and has helped promote larger size downloads & print orders.
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