How long are clients' Favorites galleries accessible to them?

I do a lot of event photography and some of my photographic subjects create Favorites galleries for themselves that they share with their friends, but don't actually buy anything. I don't want to disable the Add To Favorites feature altogether but I'd like their Favorites galleries to expire after a period of time. Does anyone know how long the galleries remain accessible and/or whether I can set a time limit on them? I've checked the Help files and don't find an answer to those questions. Thanks.


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    First, thank you for checking the support resources first before posting your question. I wish more people would do this.

    There is no way to have Favorites Lists expire after a certain time period. That feature is limited to galleries, collections, which you have created yourself. Favorites are created by your clients. You could manually do this by deleting your customers accounts but this is not a good idea.

    I think I understand why you want to have Favorites automatically expire. You want this to motivate your clients to get off their butts and place an order. Am I right? If so, try to think of other ways to motivate your client to move forward rather "threaten" them with "Your Favorites List will be removed unless you place an order!!" Nobody likes threats and nobody wants to be pressured. This would most likely include yourself. Again, am I right?

    More often than not, a kind email from you offering to help your customer select images or place an order is all that's needed. I do this and my response rate is about 70%. I also do a little house keeping each year as well. Any user account that has not placed an order with me in 2 years is deleted. I do this on July 1st every year and send a mass email to only those clients that will be impacted. What happens is some will place an order (very few), others will ignore the email, and the majority respond to the email positively by thanking me for my service and removing their contact information from my database. It's all good.

    Please accept my apologies if this is not what you are trying to accomplish.

    Best regards!
  • Thank you, I appreciate the help.
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