"Beloved" Facebook - Yea Right :-)

Mainly I just don't understand Facebook, impressive though it is. Petabytes of stuff within which there can be found the occasional valuable nugget of information.

Love it or loath it, FB is a major promotional medium. If you don't have a FB page that references back to ZF site, then you are missing a trick.

And it is at this point that my frustration begins. In an ideal world I would simply cut and paste the URL to a ZF Blog post in to FB, wait a few moments while FB loads the URL and the meta data and then I can click Publish and I'm done. However, for me this doesn't happen.

ZF Support have looked at the problem and cannot see what the problem is. It works for them. Yet I've tried in on several different PCs and they all exhibit the same problem. (I'm based in the UK btw)

Example ... please try this yourself and let me know the result. You don't need to publish it, you can just leave the page when done...

Paste the URL http://www.picturesports.co.uk/blog/2016/1/alex-toth-jones-onboard-video-donington-park in to your status update on FB and see if FB pulls back the blog post.

For me all FB does is try to load the page and then gives up. Occasionally if I change the URL to www.picturesports.zenfolio.com/blog .... then FB will find the blog post and display it correctly.

Talking to FB is the same as talking to my cat. I want to think they are listening, but really they are not, so not help there.

Anyone have any insights as to the problem?


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