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Nowadays, many of the clients used to look for the portfolio by using blog post style.
Yes, I shoot many type of photography, like events, weddings, theatre and etc.
I would like to do my portfolio in blog post style, which the clients can view the portfolio by scrolling down the blog.

When I create many blogs, I wish to categorized them under the type of the photography like blog post that related to event will categorized them under EVENT.

In homepage menu, I can direct link the EVENT menu to summary/categorized blog of EVENT and shows the thumbnails of each blog.

*I am just new to zenfolio, maybe Zenfolio already had those feature that I mentioned above. Thanks


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    All Zenfolio accounts include a blog so if you like, you can use the blog as your Portfolio. Do please note that only one blog is included with each account so if you decide to use the blog for this purpose, you may not be able to use it for other blogging purposes.

    The closest that you can come to categorizing your blog would be by using keywords.

    The direct link to a specifc specific keyword search in a blog is something like

    When used, all blog posts that use that keyword will be displayed in the link.

    In this example, you would replace 'siteurl' with your site's url and the second 'keyword' with the desired keyword.

    You can then add a link to your Site Menu that links directly to that link.

    So for example, you can have a link in your site menu that automatically displays blog posts that use the keyword of 'events' by using a link in your site menu that links to
  • baggybaggy Member Posts: 4
    A blog without categories is like Zenfolio without galleries.... useless
  • A Style PhotographyA Style Photography Member Posts: 7
    I want blog categories too....
  • UK Events.tvUK Member Posts: 2
    I need to split my blog into categories and would like to see this option too please.
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