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Zenfolio branding removal!!

If I pay for a service and it clearly states zenfolio's branding will be removed from my page....why is it you now randomly put a user agreement on my page with zenfolio in it 30 times!!! This needs to be removable or editable similar to the sugesstions for agreements for digital downloading. Zenfolio is violationg thier own terms doing this not giving me what I paid for and as simple as it seems messing up my page layout....This needs to be addressed ASAP!!!


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    edited January 2016

    Note that the "Powered by Zenfolio" can be removed by editing the footer.

    James, I'm all about private branding as well but the combined user agreement / privacy policy doesn't bother me. As I commented in a previous post, , prior to this change the user agreement and privacy policy was between Zenfolio and their photographers..... not between Zenfolio and the end users (our clients). Why? Because it was not a "forced" policy required to be published on all Zen sites.

    If the photographer creates their own UA/PP by editing or modifying Zenfolio's UA/PP then the photographer assumes all risks without any control of the assets (data collected) or how they are used. Now that the combined Zenfolio UA/PP is "required" to be on all Zen sites (and cannot be removed) everyone, including your clients, are covered and Zenfolio assumes the responsibility. They have to use their name, where applicable, as this is a legal document not a sales and marketing document. It's well written and does the job of spelling out their role and responsibility.

    James, I'm the first person standing in the compliant line when it comes to private branding. Zenfolio, and their partners, have no right to leverage the relationships with my clients or visitors for their own gain and at my expense. If they did that, I would expect to be compensated (a lot more than what they pay for a referral). I'm in business for myself ... not to build clients for Zenfolio. Bottom line .... I understand fully where you are coming from.

    Remove the "Powered by Zenfolio" from the footer and then re-read the UA/PP again from a legal perspective (assuming risk and enforcement). Finally, ask yourself how often your clients would actually access the small link at the bottom of the page and actually read it? My guess is that they would only read it when there was a problem and/or their attorney was preparing to file a law suit against you.

    I think Zenfolio has done a good job assuming the risk and minimizing the impact to private branding.

    Frankly, I just don't like the clutter. I need to also remove the "user agreement". How? Thanks!
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    The User Agreement is something that cannot be removed. Personally, the link is so small and buried in the footer on the page so I'm not sure it really clutters things up.

    I understand everyone's initial response to the UA being forced upon all Zenfolio accounts. Nobody likes that. However, I would suggest that you step back and look at the UA and ask yourself, "Why would I actually want this?" What value does it have in terms of limiting my exposure to data breaches or complying with laws at every level?

    It's also important to understand why Zenfolio account holders should not be permitted to edit the agreement. If Zenfolio is absolving its photographers as the responsible party, then they should be the only one to be able to modify or change the agreement. It's their agreement and if we were able to make changes then Zenfolio would no longer be the responsible party in terms of legal matters.

    I'm not trying to "sell you" on anything. Just asking that you look at the UA from a different perspective before drawing your final conclusions.
    edited June 2016
    I appreciate your time, please don't take it personal, but all I can see is a tiny scratch on my canvas. It's not your fault I am picky and want what I want lol =)
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