Live Chat option for people visiting my site

aperature4aperature4 Member Posts: 19
Howdy ZenForums,

I wanted to share a cool feature with you. You can embed a live chat option in your Footer to interact with your visitors. You can see it in my Footer here:

I used a 3rd party by Googling: embeddable Live Chat free


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    So, what are your hours for live chat? While this is a cool feature I question if it's practical. My clients can call, text, or email. Everything comes directly to my cell phone which is always by my side. I personally respond within minutes even if I need to let them know that I'm on a client site and will respond once I'm done.

    Part of my business model has been to never leave the client "hanging" for a response. 90% or more are people trying to place an order and are either having problems or have a question. As of late, it's been more about site performance issues. I created a "Site Maintenance" slide that is displayed on my homepage when Zenfolio is having issues.
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