Printing (self fullfilment) from the gallery

I print 4x6 prints at the shop and a customer comes in with an order from their gallery. Is there a quick and easy way to select the photos in Zenfolio and send them quickly to the printer? At the moment I am downloading each one and then printing and it wastes a lot of time


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
    Steve - So you want to select multiple photographs on your Zenfolio site (like you would if they were on your local hard drive) and send them directly to a locally attached or network printer located in your office? If the answer is YES then NO you cannot do that.

    You can select multiple photographs, download them at the same time to your computer, and then send them to your printer. Even by doing that, it's still a pretty cumbersome workflow at best particularly for small 4x6 prints.

    Good luck.
  • SueGSueG Member Posts: 66
    You could just tell the client to 'heart' or favorite the ones they want printed before or instead of adding them to their shopping cart, then you can access their faves and download them as a separate gallery without having to search for their choices within the gallery.
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