Hiding "Background Gallery" from Visitor Views

Is there a way I can continue to have images from my "Background Gallery" display as my main page's background, and yet hide the "Background Gallery" from public view in the "All Photographs" section of my gallery?

It's not a huge deal, but I've edited the dimensions of photographs in the "Background Gallery" in a way that makes them look good as my page background, but not as stand-alone photographs.


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,462
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    Hello Daniel - I believe the gallery (and or select images) have to be public otherwise they images will not display. I think that your assessment that it's not a big deal, for the most part, is correct. I use a separate gallery for my portfolio slide show that runs off my home page. I think that the majority of visitors to my site wouldn't follow the breadcrumbs back in order to view galleries that are not listed on my site navigation. I could be wrong, but it certainly wouldn't bother me if they did. This leads me to my next point in that you can hide the breadcrumbs. That way they would need the URL for you background gallery in order to access it.

    By the way, is your current site on Photoshelter or is that another photographer with the same name?


    If it is you, I'm sure that many users would enjoy knowing at bit more about your experience with Photoshelter and what's bringing you to Zenfolio.
  • Thanks Kevin for the response.

    Different Daniel Neal Photography. Who knew?
  • Is it possible to hide Visitor views from a gallery of photo sets?
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 552
    Do you mean that you like to not display the visitor counter in the gallery thumbnails or photo page?

    You can do that by setting Visitor Count to 'Hide' in Options in the Customize Website View of the gallery's thumbnails and photo pages.

    See this link for how to access Options in Customize Website View - http://goo.gl/ZGvpSG
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